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Positive Dog Training Methods
Rosana Hart

Dog training can provide a tremendous amount of satisfaction.
Every dog should know at least the basics for living with people:
come, sit, stay, don't jump up on people, and so on. Beyond the
basics, there is an endless variety of things you and your dog
can enjoy doing together. Dogs who are a joy to be with have much
more flexibility in what they can do with humans, and so they
have more fun. Positive dog training methods are often easier to
use, as well.

So what are positive dog training methods? Different people will
define them differently, but as a rule of thumb they are
techniques that allow you to train your dog without causing it
physical pain. So these methods enhance your dogs' natural trust
and willingness. Dr. Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Silvia Kent, Linda
Tellington-Jones, and others have greatly expanded the popularity
of this field in recent years. Training dogs can be a win-win for
both humans and dogs!

The principles that are behind these methods are derived from
sound scientific research: positive reinforcement is a central
part of this approach. Clicker training dogs is perhaps the best
known example, but there are other methods too. In clicker
training, a small noisemaker is clicked at the very moment that
the dog does exactly what you want it to. It's more precise than
saying "Good!" or anything else. Then a treat is given, at least
part of the time.

There are thoughtful people who advocate the careful use of
devices that do cause pain in training dogs, especially when the
problem seems intractable. I believe that in training dogs, many
methods will work. But it is heartening that many dog owners and
trainers have crossed over to using only pain-free, positive
methods of dog training.

Rosana Hart is a dog owner who has trained all her own dogs and
has helped her friends as well. She now uses positive dog
training methods exclusively, and is very happy with the results.
"Dog training sessions are way more fun now!" she comments.
Whether you are starting from scratch or already experienced,
Rosana Hart's website  offers you
useful tips, tools, and tactics that have been proven by the dog
training experiences of many people.

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