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What's the difference


Ravens and Crows?

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Ravens and Crows are jays, but are larger, with solid, satiny black
plumage with a metallic, bluish sheen.

Ravens are the largest of all songbirds and measures more than 24 in.

Tail is wedge shaped.

They are flocking birds.

Call is a caw or croak.

Ravens and crows walk rather than hop.

Best known is the common raven, found throughout much of the
northern hemisphere.

The common raven feeds on seeds, fruit, small birds, and mammals.
It nests on high trees or cliffs.

Picture Crow


Crows includes ravens and jackdaws.

Crows are found on every continent except South America and Antarctica,
and they are among the most adaptable of birds.

Their diet includes eggs, small animals, vegetable matter, carrion, and

Their voices are loud and usually harsh.

All North American crows are black with a glossy sheen, but some species
from elsewhere are marked with white or gray.

The best-known species is the American crow. The northwestern crow
ranges along the Pacific coast from Alaska to Oregon.

A jackdaw is an Eurasian crow.

Ravens and Crows are members of the family of passerine birds

Ravens and Crows include:

American Crow
Chihuahuan Raven
Common Raven
Fish Crow
Northwestern Crow

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