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Most of us have watched someone as their dog basically
pulled them down the sidewalk. Maybe you have been in this
circumstance yourself. Especially if you have a large dog,
this bad habit can sometimes really be hard to control. The
good news is that you can train your dog to stop trying to
drag you; it just takes a little work.

There are a few reasons that you should never allow your dog
to pull you. The most obvious is that it is hard to control
the dog when it does this, which may pose safety issues for
you and for the dog.

Another reason is that when a dog is in front and leading
that makes it think that it is the leader of the pack. When
your dog thinks it is the leader of its pack, training in
general can become much more difficult.

This is because, if the dog is "alpha," meaning that it
instinctively seeks to lead, letting it lead you will make
it much more reluctant to obey you. And if your dog is
instinctively submissive but feels pressed to take up
leadership because you haven't, it will be nervous and may
become fearful. So you must train your dog to follow
commands on the dog lead to be sure you are both safe and
walks are fun for your both.

Starting leash training when your dog is a fairly young
puppy is optimal, but if you have an older dog it isn't too
late. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. What is
most important is that you are consistent and follow the
same set of standards every time you guys step out for a

A good quality retractable leash can make it much easier to
keep your dog close by you on your walk. Start with the
leash at a shorter length to get the dog used to the idea of
walking by your side and not in front of you. Lock the leash
so that it can't retract or extend. As the dog become
proficient at walking on leash and beside or behind you, you
can give it a little more lag, but only if it is following
your voice commands.

When your dog does what is expected of it be sure to praise
it and give it a treat. The best way to teach a dog what you
really want from it is to praise it when it performs
properly. Your dog wants to please you and if you teach it
how you will have few behavior problems from your furry pal.

If your dog pulls the leash tight just stop walking and make
it stop with you. Soon it will get the message that a tight
leash stops it in its track and a loose leash means it is
walking properly.

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