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Stuffed Cardinals

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Dazzling Color

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What a Bright and Cheerful Stuffed Plush
Cardinal this truly is. Just as Splendid as the
Cardinal in real life is. You will Appreciate
the Beauty of this Stuffed Cardinal.

This extraordinary stuffed

plush Cardinal

will bring merriment into your day

The stuffed plush Cardinal is # 3 in the photo

Incredibly soft & cuddly Cardinal stuffed bird.

It even sings it's own Cardinal songs!

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The Nifty Northern Cardinal

The male Northern Cardinal is usually one of the first birds
researched by newcomers to birding in the Americas. They are
common, conspicuous, familiar and stylish. Northern Cardinal
males are a bright red that is impossible to miss. Even the
female Cardinal is an eye catcher with her brown earthy
tones and warm red shading. Cardinals are so popular that
seven U. S. states have named it their State Bird, and
sports teams call themselves the Cardinals.

The Cardinal is a rather large bird with a short thick,
pointed bill, designed for opening seeds, and a long tail.
Sitting Cardinals have a slumped posture and usually point
their tails straight down. Both the male and female Cardinal
has a pointed head crest and a dark mask around the eyes and

The male Cardinal is brilliant red all over his body. He has
a reddish bill that contrasts with his black face mask.
Females are a warm brown with reddish tinges on the edges of
the crest, wings and tail. They have a dark but not black
face mask and a reddish bill. Juveniles are similar to the
female, but not as red, with a shorter crest and a dark

Cardinals are often seen in pairs, they mate for life, and
you may spot the male feeding the female as part of their
bonding rituals. When they are nesting during the summer
months they have a wonderful call full of three note
whistles that you can hear first thing in the morning. To
some the call often sounds like "pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty".

Cardinals prefer to sit in trees and low shrubs, where it is
harder for predators to spot their bright coloring. They
also can sometimes be seen foraging on the ground or near to
the ground, usually in pairs. They enjoy congregating around
bird feeders but may be hard to spot away from these spots
until you begin to recognize their call.

You can find Cardinals in woodlots, parks, forest edges and
backyards. They prefer to make their nests in shrubs, vines
and dense tangles. Their food is normally insects, spiders,
seeds and wild fruits and berries.

Cardinals do not migrate like some birds and they do not
molt into duller color shading during the winter months. So
when the snow is on the ground you can still see brilliant
splashes of red among the barren trees and bushes, and
Cardinals will happily visit your bird feeders. To attract
Cardinals to your bird feeder try a hopper-style perch
feeder filled with black oil sunflower seed.

Breathtaking Cardinal Calendars

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