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The Duck - Quack, Quack, Quack

There are many different species of ducks. They are all
waterfowl and usually are migrating birds. Ducks are from
the Anatidae family of birds according to scientific

Ducks are smaller than swans or geese and can be found in
sea water or fresh water. Ducks feed on a variety of
different food sources including: grass, plants, insects,
fish, small amphibians, mollusks and worms.

Sea ducks and diving ducks can forage for food deep under
the water's surface. These ducks weigh more than dabbling
ducks which makes it easier for them to dive for food.
Conversely they have a harder time flying and taking off
because of the added weight.

Ducks that feed on the land or on the surface of the water
are called dabbling ducks. They can't reach very deep in the
water but they can up-end themselves to get below the
surface to forage for food underneath them.

On the inside of their beaks ducks have rows of tiny plates
that are called lamellae and that are similar to a whale's
baleen. These allow the duck to filter water out of the
sides of its beak and keep food inside the bill.

There are a few species of duck that can catch whole fish
and eat them. Three of them are called the Smew, Goosander
and the Merganser.

Ducks are in general monogamous, but these bonds usually
only last for one year. However, the larger species of duck
tend to pair of for multiple years. Most ducks breed once a
year and choose to do so during the wet season in the spring
or summer.

Ducks are most famous for their "Quack," but only female
ducks make this sound. Male ducks do not "Quack". Ducks make
do a wide variety of other sounds including whistles,
yodels, cooing and grunts.

Plush Stuffed Ducks and Ducklings
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Stuffed plush Ducklings

Stuffed plush Mallard duck 10 inches long

So very easy to love plush stuffed Ducks
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These plush stuffed Ducks are just simply delicious!
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