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The Falcon

The Falcon is a species of raptor from the genus Falco. The
word Falco comes from the Latin Falx meaning sickle, because
of the wings that are shaped like a scythe (not a sickle).

The adult Falcon has thin tapered wings that allow it to fly
at very high speeds and change direction quickly. First year
fledgling Falcons have longer flight feathers, which make
the wing look more like an average bird's broad wing. The
longer flight feathers make it easier for the fledgling to
fly while learning the aerial acrobatics and hunting skills
required to survive.

There are many different Falcon species including the
Gyrfalcon, Lanner Flacon and the Merlin. The Peregrine
Falcon has been recorded diving at speeds of two hundred
miles per hour. This makes them the fasted moving creature
in the world.

Some small falcons are called hobbies because of their long
narrow wings. The falcons that can hover when they are
hunting are sometimes called Kestrels. A Tercel or Tiercel,
which is a traditional term, is a male falcon.

The name Tercel is said to come from the Latin tertius
meaning third, because of a common belief that one in every
three eggs that hatch will be a male. Some others believe
that the etymology points to the size of the male being one
third smaller than the larger female.

A falcon chick is called an eyas while it is still downy and
soft. "Eyas" is considered to be Latin for nestling.

When a falcon is kept and used in hunting it is called the
sport of Falconry.

Like most birds of prey, the falcon is known for its
exceptional eyesight. One species of falcon has been found
to have a visual acuity of 2.6 times that of an ordinary

The falcon is considered to be a very smart bird and this
has been tested by the Canadian ornithologist Louis
Lefebvre, based on their innovation in feeding habits. The
only other bird considered as smart is the corvid (Crows).

Spectacular Plush Stuffed Falcons

A very extraordinary stuffed toy bird!

"Frankie" Prairie Falcon

These plush stuffed Falcon toy birds
are not only attractive and colorful but they
stand proud of who they are and their heritage.

(Please don't tell Frankie that he's only a toy stuffed
bird, although he probably wouldn't believe you anyway.)

Giving this adorable plush Falcon
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will make an awesome and totally cool gift,
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