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Plush Macaw Parrots

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What an Amazingly Colorful and Bright stuffed bird
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Plush stuffed Macaws
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Magnificent Macaw Calendars

The colorful and fascinating Macaw

Some species of Macaw are small and some are very large.
They are all New World Parrots and are often very colorful.
Of all the many different types of Psittacidae or True
Parrots genera, only six are classified as Macaws: The Ara,
Anodorhynchus, Cyanopsitta, Diopsittaca, Orthopsittaca and
the Primolius.

Macaws are native to Central America, Mexico and South
America. They once were native to the Caribbean, but no
Macaws remain in the wild in the Caribbean now.

Most species of Macaw prefer the rain forests or other
forests, but a few species of Macaw prefer to live in
savanna-like habitats or woodlands.

Some Macaws are very large, the largest being the Hyacinth
Macaw. The heaviest Macaw is the Buffons. The heaviest
flightless parrot is the Kakapo. The smallest Macaw is the
Red-Shouldered Macaw and it is not any larger than some

Macaws are zygodactyl like toucans and woodpeckers. This
means that the first and fourth toe on the feet point
backward for better branch gripping.

Macaws usually have large, heavily hooked dark beaks and
their faces are relatively hairless. They usually have the
light colored facial patch that is a characteristic of the
Macaw. The facial patch can be large or small depending upon
the species.

Most Macaws also have a patch of color near the base of the
beak and a yellow patch around the eyes. The patches of
coloring have been compared to human fingerprints because
they vary from Macaw to Macaw.

Macaws are very beautiful and intelligent birds and many
species are popular as pets. But since Macaws are very long
lived (Some live longer than most humans.) and need constant
training and complicated care, you should not choose a Macaw
as a pet without much research and lifestyle consideration.
Keeping a Macaw in captivity is a very large responsibility.

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