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Stuffed Toucans

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Exceptionally Cute & Remarkably Bright and Colorful
Plush Stuffed Toucans that are the talk of the Rain Forest!

The Toco Toucan

The South American Tropical forests are home to the Toco
Toucan. They are popular in books and magazines because they
are so unique and striking with their very big colorful
bill. The bill of a Toco Toucan is seven and a half inches

Both male and female Toco Toucans have very long bills.
During the mating ritual the Toco Toucans are seen to toss
fruit and other tasty morsels to each other. The long,
beautiful bill, to the female Toco Toucan, is considered to
be a sign that a male will be a suitable mate.

The bill may look intimidating but it is actually very light
weight and ineffective against predators. The bill of the
Toco Toucan is made up of a honeycomb of bone and air
pockets, so although it is impressive and may deter
predators because of the way it looks it is of little use

The bill is more appropriately used as a tool in feeding the
bird. They use the bill to reach food that is out of their
easy reach on a limb that will not support their weight.
They can also use the bill to skin their food before they
eat it. Toco Toucans are omnivorous, eating fruit, eggs,
insects, lizards and young birds if they can catch them.

Toco Toucans live together in small flocks that usually
consist of about six birds. Their brightly colored plumage
actually works to provide them with camouflage in the light
dappled rain forest canopy. But the birds are constantly
vocalizing, so trying to remain hidden apparently isn't
among one of their top priorities.

Toco Toucans prefer to nest in holes in trees. They usually
have a clutch of two to four eggs every year, and both the
male and female bird care for the eggs and young. The young
Toco Toucans doesn't have an overly large bill until several
months after hatching.

These birds are often captured to become pets. They are also
a popular image in the media, being on Television shows and
products, even cereal. The indigenous people in the region
where the Toco Toucan lives consider the birds to be
conduits between the realm of the living and the realm of
the dead, so the birds are often protected by the natives.

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Stuffed Toucan
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Stuffed Plush Keel Billed Toucan

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