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Right out of the Enchanted Forest of olden times
come these Amazingly Adorable Stuffed Plush Unicorns
that will help you Create many, many magical moments, as you
play with these Handsome and Extraordinary
Plush Stuffed Unicorns

Plush Stuffed Unicorns

that no one can Resist!

Romantically Cuddly, these plush stuffed Unicorns
Are sweeter than a honeymoon to Niagara Falls!

These exceptionally cute stuffed Unicorns will make
a top rated gift for the person you like the most in life.

The Epitome of Delightful Endearing Enchantment

Your very own Adorable Stuffed Plush Unicorn
is patiently waiting for you to come and take her home.
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No Strings attached on the Amount of Fun you will Soon Have

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The Unicorn

The most popular rendition of the unicorn is of a white
horse with a long spiraling horn that comes from the
forehead of the animal and tapers to a point. In truth the
earliest depictions of the Unicorn were of a goat-like
creature with cloven hooves, the tail of a lion and a
spiraling horn coming from the forehead.

Many people, especially young girls, have fallen in love
with the unicorn as it is an icon of innocence and romance.
There are so many tales of the unicorn that it is impossible
to say what exactly the origins are of this animal or if it
was ever really a living animal.

Bones of an animal that is said to be a unicorn have been
found in Asia. It resembles a cross between a goat and a
horse with a long horn and sharp carnivorous teeth. This
example is hundreds of years old and the origins are suspect.

Some people believe that the unicorn is a genetic mutation
where the deer or some other animal only develops one horn
instead of two. There are passages in the Bible that
describe something that may be a unicorn and the name
"Unicorn" is used within some of these passages.

There are old tales of the "White Mare," such as that if you
manage to catch it will grant you a wish, and many people
believe that this may be about the Unicorn. Certainly the
Unicorn lends itself to myths and legends as it is said to
be a shy creature that lives deep within the woods and
rarely if ever is seen.

One of the most common stories about the Unicorn is that it
will only come to a maiden that is pure and virginal and she
can touch and maybe even ride the creature. Apparently a
pure maiden is the only person in the world that can charm
the creature out into the open. This could be a male as
well, but more often the fable features a young girl.

In myth the Unicorn's horn is said to have healing and
purifying properties and often the creature was hunted for
this prize. The pure maiden was used as a lure in these
hunts and if they ever caught the creature there really
isn't any proof aside from stories.

There are several popular movies that star Unicorns as the
main character. All of these movies are fantasy type movies
and some titles of such movies are "Legend" with Tom Cruise
and "The Last Unicorn," a popular animation. The Unicorn
also makes appearances in popular fantasy novels like the
"Chronicles of Narnia" and Mercedes Lackey's popular fantasy books.

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