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Training a Dog for Obedience

Training your dog can be a rewarding experience for both of
you. Not only does it create ground rules for a harmonious
relationship; it also is a great bonding experience and will
cement your dog's loyalty to and affection for you.

The exact process you follow to train your dog to commands
and behaviors will vary depending on what you are teaching.
However, there are some tried and true dog obedience tips that
work to improve any kind of training.

Be Positive - Your dog wants to please you, it instinctively
seeks your approval and loves getting praise and attention.
Use that to your advantage in dog training. Always praise
your dog for good results instead of scolding it for the bad
results. In a wild dog pack, members are always striving for
the approval, and consequent improvement in status and
perks, of the pack leaders. Pet dogs have the same

Be Consistent - You have to be clear about what you want and
when you want it. If you expect certain behavior only
sometimes, the dog is pretty clueless about what you really
want. Having a pet is a commitment, so be committed to being
consistent for the best results.

Be Patient - Not every dog gets every trick the first day.
Don't become frustrated or give up. Keep working the steps
and doing the right things and you will eventually get the
results you want.

Prioritize - When you start training your dog there are a
lot of options to choose from. So figure out which is most
important first and work your way through the list. Let your
dog completely understand and be able to execute your
current training before moving on to a new lesson. If you
try to teach your dog many new behaviors at once, it will
learn none of them well and may become confused and fearful.

If you follow these steps you are sure to find that training
your dog is rewarding and not really that hard. There are
many resources available to give you specifics about a
certain kind of training but you should consider these
principles in each training exercise you and your dog take

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