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Tips from Professionals on how to keep a Dog from Biting
By: Tippy & Turbo

Here are some really good tips on how you can keep your dog
from biting someone else and how you can avoid being bitten
by a dog.

1. Never assume any dog won't bite, even one with which you
are familiar.

2. Don't run past a dog. Dogs naturally chase anything
moving quickly.

3. If a dog threatens you, avoid looking it in the eyes and
try to stand calmly until the dog walks away. Then back away
slowly until the dog can no longer see you.

4. Don't approach a strange dog; especially if it is tied up
or penned, you are invading its territory.

5. Always let dogs look you over and sniff you before you
pet it.

6. Always walk your dog on a leash. Otherwise keep pet dogs
indoors, where they are safe and have no opportunity to bite
someone or to be false accused of having done so.

7. When you are not walking your dog, keep the dog indoors
or in a fenced yard. Spend time with your dog. Your play and
care tells your dog that it is a part of your "pack" and
builds a relationship between you that will make your dog
want to please you.

8. Don't get too close to a dog while it is sleeping,
eating, or guarding. Dogs instinctively guard their
property, young and food.

9. Dogs also instinctively protect their owners and property
that belongs to their owners, such as home, yard or car.

10. Don't try to pull anything from a dog's mouth. Don't
play tug-of-war with your dogs, especially puppies. Playing
roughly with your dog may teach it to bite, jump, or be

11. Don't run away from a dog that chases you. A dog's
natural instinct is to chase and catch anything that is
running away. If you stand still, the dog will probably stop
and sniff you, and it will probably stop its aggression when
it sees that you are not threatening it. Don't "play-
threaten," chase, or tease dogs, and avoid trying to pet or
pick up dogs that don't know you, even puppies.

12. Don't touch a dog that is injured. Instead, help the
animal by calling a veterinarian or other animal
professional. Even a well trained dog may bite when it is in
pain, in shock or is terrified.

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