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Hopping and Kicking

with both feet

are the Towhees.

Towhees the Delightful little Sparrow like bird

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Towhees are large, ground feeding sparrows having long rounded
tails. They are often seen scratching for insects and seeds
under shrubbery, brush or dead leaves.

Towhees hop and kick with both feet together. They usually fly
close to the ground, pumping their tail.

Towhees feed on wild fruits, weed seeds, insects, worms and spiders.

They build their nests from dead leaves, bark, grasses, weeds or twigs,
on the ground or in bushes. They lay from 3 to 5 eggs.

Picture Eastern Towhee

Towhees belong to the order Passeriformes.

Types of Towhees include:

Albert's Towhee
Brown Towhee
California Towhee
Canyon Towhee
Eastern Towhee
Green Tailed Towhee
Olive Sparrow
Rufous Sided Towhee


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