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What to do if your Dog Eats things it shouldn't.

The reality is at some point in your dog ownership years you
will most likely deal with your dog eating a foreign object.
It may be a shoe, clothes, money, wood, bones or pretty much
anything that strikes his or her fancy on any given day.

If the dog is still eating the object when you catch it you
may get lucky enough to get it away before it is swallowed.
But if you are not able to get the object before it is
swallowed than a visit to the vet is in order. Vets have
removed everything from their owner's dentures to kitchen
knives from the digestive systems of pet dogs.

Many problems can arise from your dog ingesting something it
shouldn't. The item could be toxic to your dog and possibly
poison it. Any sharp or pointy objects swallowed by your dog
could puncture its esophagus, stomach lining or intestines.

The veterinarian will most likely X-ray your dog once you
get to the office. This is the only way to be sure that
there is not something in there that will cause damage on
the way out. What the vet sees on the X-ray will determine
the next course of action.

The treatment that will be needed can range the gamut from
just letting the dog pass the object naturally to immediate
surgery to remove the object. Your doctor can only determine
this after he has seen what is in there and what damage it
could possibly cause.

The best way to avoid finding yourself in this frightening
and potentially very expensive situation is to keep foreign
objects away from your dog. If you don't want your dog to
swallow something then it should not be somewhere that the
dog can get access to it. Dogs naturally chew, and bored
dogs may choose very strange things to mouth.

Always check chew toys to be sure there are no splits or
breaks that could accidentally injure your dog as it chews.
Also avoid giving real bones. No meat bones and definitely
no cooked bones. Keep chemicals and human foods where your
dog can't access them. Remember that many human foods are
dangerous to dogs and human medicines may kill a dog.

Prevention is the best cure, but if you find your dog has
got into something it should not have, then take it to the
vet quickly to get the situation accessed.  . More dog training articles.

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