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An explanation

of the Dazzling

Dragons of the Air

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Air Dragons: the Friendliest of the Dragons, who make
good friends to have around

Presented to you by: the Editors @ Pet Care Tips

Please note that we aren't personally acquainted with every
type of dragon, but we tell you here what we have heard from
others who have spent some time studying these creatures...

Air dragons are an unusual type of dragon that you are
unlikely to come across by accident on any venture, and they
are the least likely for anyone to ever go after for a Quest
of Valor or greed. And if you ever do happen across one it
is very likely that you will survive the encounter
relatively intact.

Air dragons make their homes on the highest points of
mountains. They are not usually hoarders but if they do
horde, their loot may be anything that strikes their fancy.
They are all very different in personality and all quite
frivolous when it comes to their lives and habits.

You can tell an air dragon by the shades of its scales. The
scales of an air dragon are all shades of grey and white,
regardless of pattern or decoration. Another identifying
characteristic is that the more dangerous varieties of these
dragons can spit lightning!

The Air Dragon is the friendliest of dragons and it is said
that you can often have a good conversation with the more
intelligent versions, especially if the conversation
includes a story. But not always do you encounter the
intelligent version, and the not so intelligent version will
be happier to make a snack of you rather than listen to you
expound about how you managed to get to its home. (Although
that is a feat that justifies bragging, as most people can't
get to the lair of an Air Dragon without getting altitude
sickness and dying from the thin air.)

An encounter with an Air Dragon is most likely to be on
their terms and not yours. They often show up at the worst
times and don't really care if you are about to die from one
thing or another. Air dragons live very in the moment and
most likely will insist upon having their way and making it

They can usually have their own way if they wish! Air
dragons are very magical and do just about anything they
want with their innate ability with magic, especially if it
has anything to do with air. Having one as a friend and
companion on a quest is a very good thing, for they will
likely save your life at some point.

The benefits of having an Air Dragon around, if it is your
friend, far outweighs the negative of its eating you out of
house and home...especially if you are an adventurer who is
seldom home. But be wary, for their attention easily wanders
and beauty will often capture their attention at the worst
moments. They are easily tricked by such illusions as
beauty. So keep on your toes and try to avoid dumb Air
Dragons, whether friend or foe.

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