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Here at Pet Care Tips we want to provide you with
the best and most complete information we can about
reptiles and reptiles as pets.

Below you will find links to many articles and information
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Keeping Reptiles as Pets

Reptiles are egg laying vertebrates that have a
tough skin with a covering of scales. Reptiles are cold blooded.

There are 4 orders of reptiles:

1. snakes, amphisbaenians & lizards
2. crocodiles, alligators & caimans
3. tortoises, turtles
4. tuataras

Some reptiles make very good pets, others like
crocodiles and venomous snakes do not. We suggest
before getting a reptile as a pet, you do some
research and make sure this is the kind of pet you
are wanting.

Many folks believe that reptiles are fairly easy to
keep as pets, but this is not usually the case. Reptiles
as pets require excellent care and housing along with
a proper diet.

If you have or want a reptile as a pet, then we hope
you enjoy our site and find it helpful in taking the
best care of your pet you can.

Adorable Stuffed Plush Turtles & Reptiles

This section on turtles & lizards is brought to you by our pet turtles:
Ralph Turtle and Tommy Turtle!

All about Turtles and Turtles as Pets
Turtle Species
African Side-necked Turtle
Argentine Snake-necked Turtle
Arrau River Turtle
Asian Leaf Turtle - Cyclemys dentata
Asian Painted River Terrapin
Australian Eastern Long-necked Turtle
Australian Red-bellied Short-neck Side-neck Turtle
Brazilian Snake-necked Turtle
Chinese or Yellow-Marginated Box Turtle

Introduction to the Asian Box Turtles
Introduction to the Asian Leaf Turtles
Introduction to the Australian Short-neck Side-neck Turtle
Introduction to the Chinese Four-Eyed Turtles
Introduction to the Eastern Box Turtle
Introduction to the North American Box Turtle - Terrapene carolina
Malayan Box Turtle
Murray River Turtle

The Annam Leaf Turtle
The Asian Spiny or Cogwheel Turtle
The Big Headed Turtle
The Black-breasted Leaf Turtle
The Borneo Black Leaf Turtle
The Chinese Three Stripe Box Turtle

The East African Sideneck Black Mud Turtle
The Florida Box Turtle
The Giant Asian River Terrapin
The Gulf Coast Box Turtle
The Indochinese or Flowered Box Turtle

The Ornate Box Turtle and the Desert Box Turtle
The Red-Eared Slider Turtle
The Striped-necked Leaf Turtle
The Vietnamese Keeled Box Turtle
The Yellow-headed Temple Turtle

Turtle Fun Stuff
The Chantix Stop-Smoking Medicine - "The Tortoise and the
Hare" Approach

Famous and Funny Turtle Quotes
Franklin the Turtle
Godzilla, the Most Famous Lizard of them All
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Ten Strange Turtle Facts you may not know

The Turtles - a Pop Music Group of the Sixties
Turtle Jokes
Turtle, Terrapin and Tortoise Trivia
Turtles and Tortoises in Literature
Turtles and Tortoises in Mythology and Religion

Turtle Health
Blood Parasites that Endanger Turtles
Emergency First Aid for an Injured Turtle
External Parasites of Turtles and Tortoises
Finding a Veterinarian for your Sick Tortoise or Turtle
Hibernation and Box Turtles
Metabolic Bone Disease in Turtles
Plants that are Poisonous to Turtles and Lizards
Signs of Illness in Turtles and Tortoises
Swollen Eyes in Turtles and Tortoises
The Relationship between Respiratory Infections and Humidity
in Turtles and Tortoises

Turtle and Tortoise Health Checklist
Turtles, Tortoises, and Drowning
Turtles, Tortoises and Parasites
Vitamin A and your Pet Turtle's Health
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Turtles and Tortoises
What is a Proper Diet for Your Three-Toed or Eastern Box Turtle - Part 1
What should I do about the Algae on my Turtle's Back?
What to do if your Turtle won't Eat
What to do if your Turtle has Something Strange Sticking out
of it's Body


Turtle as Pets
Aquatic Turtles as Pets
Aquatic Turtles as Pets - some Commonly kept Species
Dangers to think about Planning your Outdoor Turtle Habitat Part 1
Dangers to think about Planning Outdoor Turtle Habitat - Part 2
How can I tell how much to Feed my Pet Turtle?
How to Buy a Pet Turtle
How to Care for Baby Tortoises
Is a Box Turtle the right Pet for you?
How to Build the Outdoor Pen for your Woodland Box Turtle
Temporary Indoor Housing for the American Box Turtle
The Food you provide can be Dangerous for your Turtle!
What to Feed your Aquatic Turtle

General Reptile Care Articles
Can my Pet Reptile make me Sick?
Common Reptile Ailments - Mouth or Scale Rot
Insecticides Commonly used on Reptiles
Mites and Ticks in Reptiles

Lizards, and Lizards as Pets
Food and Water for a Pet Veiled Chameleon
Introduction to the Veiled Chameleon
How to Choose your Veiled Chameleon
Planning the Cage for your Pet Veiled Chameleon
About the Agama - Bearded Dragon Lizard
Are you ready for a Pet Lizard?
Breeding the Bearded Dragon Agama
Breeding the Black Agama Lizard
How to Clean your Herp Cage

Introduction to the Black Agama Lizard
Introduction to the Butterfly Agama Lizard
Keeping Lizards as Pets
Keeping your Bearded Dragon Agama Lizard Healthy
Keeping your Black Agama Lizard Healthy
Symptoms of Poisoning in Lizards

Lizard & Dragon Fun Stuff

Air Dragons
Earth Dragons
Fire Dragons
Water Dragons

Children's Songs about Dinosaurs
Draco the Dragon
Dragons in Pop Culture
Famous or Funny Lizard Quotes
Halloween Lizards

Lizards in Pop Culture
Myths Attached to Dragons
Pete's Dragon - a Classic Disney Movie
Puff the Magic Dragon - Popular Children's' Song
The Airwick Air Freshener Chameleon Family
The Dragon of the Chinese Astrological Horoscope

The GEICO Gecko Lizard
The SoBe Lizard & the SoBe Company
Weird, Fun and Fascinating Facts about Lizards
Wyvern, Wyrms, Drakes and Dragons

Plush Lizards, Dragons & Animals

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