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Do Airedale

Terrier Dogs Make

Good Pets?


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Is an Airedale Terrier the Right Dog for You?
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Airedale is a playful and fun loving pooch when it is
young. They are extremely loyal to their owners and they are
more than happy to please you if there is nothing to
distract them. They are avid hunters but can be trained to
leave even raw steak upon command.

With early exposure and socialization the Airedale Terrier
will do okay around children, but they do have a tendency to
play rough and may not be safe around babies or very young
children. They are known to be protective and courageous and
fairly good with strangers. They are loyal, pleasant,
sensitive and responsive. They can be obedience trained to
high levels and do well with agility training.

If not fed properly they have a tendency to become very
rowdy and do not do well if they do not receive enough
physical exercise and daily mental exercise. This dog has
trouble with jumping up on humans and will need some good
consistent training to deal with this problem.

Airedale Terriers respond well to obedience training
especially command treat training. They do not do well with
harsh overbearing training methods. They have the
intelligence to be able to quickly perceive what it is you
want from them. But if you ask it to do the same thing
repetitively they may refuse to do it out of sheer boredom.
It is better to vary your training to keep it interesting
and engaging. So getting creative with your training and
exercising is better overall for this dog.

The owner of an Airedale Terrier will have to be the leader
of the pack and know how to show authority. Otherwise they
will have dominance issues with the family members that the
dog sees as submissive. If not properly handled, an
Airedale, like many intelligent breeds, can become
disobedient and willful.

The Airedale Terrier requires a handler that knows what they
are doing. You must be consistent, calm, authoritative and
firm. With the right trainer this dog can learn even sports
like defense dog trails. In general this dog will do well
with other animals in the house but don't be surprised to
see some dominance behavior toward them. Once the dog is
properly trained this behavior will be virtually eliminated.

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