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Purebred Cats & the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts
Presented by: Baby Kitty & Alfred

The American Association of Cat Enthusiasts, also known as
the AACE, is a non-profit organization dedicated to purebred
cats and those who love and show them.

Elected Officers of the AACE, which consist of President,
Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Show Administrator,
Judging Administrator, Breed Club Administrator, Household
Pet Administrator and International Administrator, are
elected by the membership at large for terms of two years,
with elections alternating.

Non Voting Officers, such as Ballot Secretary, Registrar,
Clerking Administrator, Fund Raising Administrator,
Publicist, and Computer Technologist, are appointed by the
President, also for two year terms.

The stated goals and purpose of the association are to
assist AACE members, associated Breed Clubs, breeders and
judges to improve the breeds of cats, register purebred
cats, hold cat shows and to provide rules and help for show

Membership is open to any cat enthusiast upon application
and payment of dues. If you are an American Association of
Cat Enthusiasts member in good standing and you register a
cat of a particular breed, you automatically become a voting
member of the Breed Club for that breed as well.

Breed Clubs and Show Clubs for particular cat breeds are
chartered by the AACE and members in good standing have
voting rights for By-Law or Constitution changes as well as
the election of Officers and other Administrative Council
members. New Breed Clubs may also apply for loans to assist
them in putting on their first show.

To remain in good standing as to voting, Breed Club members
must have registered or shown a cat of that particular breed
within the past two years of the vote. Show Clubs that are
in good standing and which have given a show within the past
year may vote on Show Rules and changes.

Cat Show and Teaching Judges and applicable rules are
approved by the Association, Judges are licensed, and
Judging Schools and subsequent testing are conducted by the
AACE according to the current American Association of Cat
Enthusiasts By-Laws. The AACE also supplies Teachers and
provides training to handlers and other show participants.

Standard registration of purebred and hybrid cats is
provided by the AACE if the cat has four or more generations
of accepted breeding provided. New breeds are accepted
probationally upon the fulfillment of the current standards.

The website of the AACE can be found at

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