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American Curl Cats:

small, Dignified and

laid back Personality

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The unusual American Curl Breed of Cat
Written By: Alfred and Pretty Baby

The American Curl is a cat that has a unique characteristic
like the Scottish Fold. Both cats through a spontaneous
mutation in DNA have developed unique aural arrangement. In
particular the American Curl has ears that curl backward in
a smooth arc where as the Scottish Fold's ears curl forward.

The American Curl with its unique ears has other
characteristics that set it apart from other breeds of cats.
They have a personality that can be described as middle of
the road for a cat. They are people oriented but not overly
affectionate. They are playful but not crazily so. They are
talkative but not annoyingly so. They are gaining popularity
because of these qualities though their numbers are still
low and the breed is still being developed. Their
affectionate temperament, unusual appearance and easy to
care for coat has made the American Curl gain fans with
every passing year.

The American Curl came about when two stray cats with curled
back ears showed up at the door of Grace and Joe Ruga in
Lakewood, California. After some investigation they realized
that there wasn't any such cat known in the cat fancy. With
some further experimenting they found out that the curled
ears where a dominant genetic trait and started breeding the
American Curl.

There are two different variations of the American Curl, the
long-haired and the shorthaired versions. The longhaired
Curl has fur that is fine, semi-long and silky with no
undercoat. The tail should have a full plume of hair. The
short-haired American Curl has short, soft fur with little
undercoat. Every color and pattern is accepted in the
American Curl.

The American Curl was accepted into the International Cat
Association and granted championship status very quickly for
a new breed. Now all North American cat associations grant
acceptance into championship all versions of the American
Curl, both short and long haired. This is quite an
accomplishment for a breed that began from strays not that
long ago.

The American Curl is a cat that is well balanced with
moderate musculature and slender, semi-foreign, body shapes.
The female cat can weigh five to eight pounds and the male
can weigh between seven and ten pounds. The head has flat
planes and is a modified wedge shape. The eyes are walnut
shaped and large with a straight nose of moderate length.
The tail is long and tapers from the wide base to the
flexible tip. These cats mature slowly and reaches full
growth only at two to three years of age.

It is the ears of the American Curl that set it apart as far
as appearance goes. They are somewhat large and wider at the
base with a flexible, open rounded tips. Both ears curve
back in a smooth arc. There are varying degrees of aural
curl in the American Curl. The "first degree curl" is ninety
degrees back and the "third degree curl" is one hundred and
eighty degrees back. The ears should match each other and
shouldn't touch the back of the head. Calcified, thick or
absent firm cartilage at the base of the ear should also not
be present, according to the standard.

Picture American Curl Cat

American Curl Cat's need a Premium Cat Food
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The American Curl cat is a rounded, robust, but relatively
small cat. It has curly hair in the ears.

These cats need a well balanced premium cat food with a
brewer's yeast and garlic supplement that will enhance their
beautiful coats.

My suggestion for a Healthy, Dining Experience for
American Curl Cats

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American Curl Cats need this for Hairballs

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