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History of the American Paint Horse

American Paint Horse history began when the Spanish explorer
Hernando Cortes came to the new world to find fame and
fortune. Along with his men he brought a group of sixteen
war horses, one of which was a primarily white pinto and
another that was a dark roan with white patches. His horses
bred together and the paint horse breed began.

By the 1800's there were many herds of feral horses roaming
the western plains of North America. Paints and Pintos were
among them and the paint horse was a favorite mount of the
Native Americans. The Comanches, who were considered to be
some of the finest horsemen ever, mostly favored the Paint

Americans have called horses with a spotted or splotched
pattern many common names over time. Some of the most common
include pinto, paint, skewbald and piebald. Each
classification of American Paint Horses has established
distinct varied coat patterns.

The first horse association in American Paint Horse history
was the Pinto Horse Association. In 1962 the American Paint
Horse Association was developed by a small group of horse
enthusiasts. Eventually these two associations merged and
became one.


American Paint Horse history is also rich in Europe, where
paintings included American Paint Horses as early as the
16th century. The animals were used in war and as work
horses in Europe during that time period.

As previously stated, the American Paint Horse was also a
favorite of the American Indians. The horse helped the
natives move and travel more quickly, which helped with
hunting buffaloes. You will find many American Paint Horses
in the imagery and robes of the Native Americans, as well as
in paintings done by artists of the period.

The American Paint Horse is an extremely popular and
plentiful breed to this day. The American Painted Horse
Association is the second largest horse association in the
world and has registered over one hundred and seventy
thousand American Paint Horses.

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