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Library of Horses, Horse Training, and Horse Racing Articles

Shadow & Smokey, the Horses at Pet Care Tips invite you
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Also check out our Main Horse Care page where you can find
a lot of Horse Health info, Reproduction, Hoof Care, Tack plus
lot's more valuable info about horses:

All about Equine Care & Horsey Fun Stuff


Equestrian Sports
A beginners Guide to Dressage
All about Dressage
All about Equestrian Endurance
All about Equestrian Eventing
All about Horse Show Jumping
All about Jousting
All about Polo
All about Rodeo
All about Women's Barrel Racing
Barrel Racing for the Fun of It
Barrel Racing Tips to Increase your Speed
Developing Correct Contact in Dressage
Equestrian Events at the Special Olympics
Equestrian Events at the Paralympics
Equestrian Vaulting

Olympic 3 Day Eventing
Olympic Showjumping
Steeplechase Horse Racing
The History of Steeplechase
The Mother of all Horse Shows: the National Horse Show
The Sport of Horse Pulling
Terms used in Steeplechase

Seabiscuit & War Admiral

Horse Racing
All about Harness Racing
American Quarter Horse Racing
Betting on Horse Races is a Pastime
Breeder's Cup - a gathering of the world's best thoroughbreds
Churchill Downs: a Legacy

Famous Thoroughbred Race Horses
Harness Racing Equipment
Harness Racing Terms
Horse Racing Handicapping Tips
Horse Racing Tracks in the United States
Kentucky Derby History
Raceway Park Harness Race Track
Rosecroft Harness Raceway
Scarborough Downs Harness Race Track

Terms used in Horse Racing
The Belmont Stakes
The Breeders Cup World Thoroughbred Championships
The History of Horse Racing
The Kentucky Derby
The Kentucky Derby: a Historical look at Horse Racing’s Finest
The Preakness Stakes
The Preakness – the Second Leg of Horse Racing’s Triple Crown
The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horse Racing
The Triple Tiara of Horse Racing
The Types of Horse Racing Bets
The Vernon Downs Harness Race Track
The Yonkers Harness Race Track
Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Winning Horses of the Belmont Stakes
Winning Horses of the Kentucky Derby
Winning Horses of the Preakness Stakes

Horse Training & Horse Communication Tips

Really good training is boring to watch. When it starts getting
exciting and looking like a rodeo then you know that somebody is
out of control or scared or angry. Good training should have
about the same activity level as paint drying.

Catching a Difficult Horse
Communicating to your Horse Using Aids
Do you make these Mistakes Loading your Horse into a Trailer?
Equine Gestures - These sounds are all too familiar if you own horses
Equine Training 101
Grooming your Horse 101

Horse Communication & Lunging
Horse Grooming to Help with Training
Horse Training Facts and Maxims
Horse Training Secrets for busy Horse owners Short on Time
Horse Training Voice Commands
How Horse's Learn & Think
How to Catch any Horse
How to get your Horse from Pulling Back while Tied
How to get your Horse to Obey you and look to you for Instruction
How to Handle a Horse Rearing & Pulling

How to Master your Riding Skills
How to Overcome the Fear of Riding a Horse
How to Stop your Horse from Rearing and what to do
How to Train a Horse to Stand
How to Train your Horse to Move & Stop

How to Teach a Horse to Stop
How to Train a Horse with Separation Anxiety
How to Teach your Horse
How to use Leading your Horse to get Control and Response
How to use Smart Horse Training to Stop your Horse from Bucking

Keeping your Horse's Attention
Loading a Scared Horse
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Picking up a Horse's Hoof
Round Pen: the Great Equalizer
Staying Relaxed when Horse Riding
Staying Balanced when Horse Riding

Teaching a Horse to Lead
Teach your Horse to Safely Cross Water
The Cure to Stop a Horse from Kicking
The Secret that keeps Horses Trainable!
The Three Times you should Punish your Horse
The Top 3 Tricks Horse Owners can use to Unspoil a Barn Spoiled Horse
Tips on how to keep your Barrel Horse Calm
Training a Horse to move Backwards
Which of these Horse Catching Mistakes do you Make?
Why the Horse's Eye's are so Important when Training Him!

See also: Our Section on Tack

Horses & Horse Breeds
Arabian Horses are Generations Old
History of the American Paint Horse
History of the American Saddlebred Horse
History of the Appaloosa Horse
History of the Morgan Horse

List of Breeds of Horses around the World
Owning Miniature Horses - the Smallest of the Small
Paint Horses as a part of American History
Tennessee Walking Horses
The American Cream Horse
The American Paint Horse Breed
The American Quarter Horse
The American Saddlebred Horse
The Appaloosa Horse Breed
The Arabian Horse
The Belgian Horse Breed
The Clydesdale Horse Breed
The Morgan Horse Breed
The Palomino Horse Color & Breed
The Percheron Horse Breed
The Standardbred Horse
The Thoroughbred Horse
Wonderful Warmbloods

Famous Horses
Famous Horses from the Big Screen
Famous Horses in Racing, Military, & Other
Famous Horses in Mythology & Literature
Famous Horses in Film, Television & Song

Comanche & General George Custer
Horses of the Military: Black Jack
Little Sorrel & General Stonewall Jackson
Man O' War
Mister Ed, the Talking Horse
Traveler & General Robert E. Lee
Trigger & Buttermilk

General Horse Information

See Pictures of Shadow & Smokey!
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15 Must-Ask Questions before you hire your Horseback Riding Instructor!
Afraid to buy a Horse at Public Auction?
A few Tips for Buying a Horse Farm
All about Jockeys
A History of the Western Saddle
A Humorous Look at Equestrian Terminology
Building Efficient Horse Barns

Dressage Helps this Woman Cope with Multiple Sclerosis
Equestrian Safety
Equine Terminology
Equine Trivia & Interesting Facts about Horses
Find the Good Western Dance Boots
Float a Horse's Teeth -- what does that Mean why is it Necessary?
Getting the Right Saddle for your Horse

Horse Gaits
Horse Light Bulb Jokes
Horse Safety 101
Horse Trailers with Living Quarters
How to Measure a Horse or Pony
How to Buy a Horse
How to Choose or buy a Horse
How to Groom your Horse
How to Pick a Fly Mask for your Horse
How to Put your Horse for Sale Online

Interesting Horse Facts
Interesting Horse Trivia
Just what is a Trojan Horse?
Murphy's Law for Horses & Horse Owners
Saddle - Finding the Perfect Tack
Safety Guide in Electric Horse Fencing
Selecting a Horse - Choose the Breed Carefully

The Evolution of the Horse
The History of Horses and Texas
The Pony Express
They Shoot Horses - Horses in Motion Pictures
Tips on How to Prepare for your Horse Show
What does your Horse Trailer Say?
What is a Draft Horse?
Women And Horses – a Powerful Synergy
Your First Lesson -Regardless of their age, new riding students

Horse Gift Items

Adorable Stuffed Plush Horses & Stuffed Animals

Beautiful Horse & Animal Calendars


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