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If you have ever seen a rodeo, visited a ranch or
watched an old Western you have likely seen an
American Quarter Horse. The American Quarter Horse
is one of the most popular horse breeds in existence.

The American Quarter Horse may be one of several different
colors, the most common probably being sorrel, which is a
brownish red. The modern Quarter Horse has a smaller than
average stature, standing about 14.3 to 15.3 hands, although
some American Quarter Horses do grow as tall as 17 hands.

This breed traces its roots back to the 1600's. Like many
other popular horse breeds, the American Quarter Horse has
Spanish bloodlines and its ancestors were brought to America
by Spanish explorers and warriors.

The Quarter Horse, because of its intelligence, size and
stamina, is very versatile and can excel at a variety of
different uses including horse jumping, roping and cattle work.

If you are looking for a fast horse, the American Quarter
Horse is very quick, especially for short distances. They
are the most popular horse for barrel racing and other racing and
the best time on record for an American Quarter Horse is 440
yards in less than 20 seconds!

The American Quarter Horse does have some predisposition to
certain genetic diseases. If you plan to breed Quarter
Horses, you should get DNA testing done on both horses to be
sure there is not a likelihood of genetic disease in the

A well-bred American Quarter Horse is a very intelligent
animal and is easily handled. Whether you are looking for a
family leisure-riding horse or a competition horse, the
American Quarter Horse is a good choice.

The American Quarter Horse is so beloved it has acquired
common nicknames such as "America's Horse" and "World's
Fastest Athlete." The American Quarter Horse Association is
based in Amarillo, TX and boasts 350,000 members.

The Thoroughbred breed is a accepted outcross for Quarter Horses;
the major Quarter Horse breed registry, the American Quarter
Horse Association, accepts Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred crosses
into the registry as "Appendix Quarter Horses." These animals are
popular for Quarter Horse Racing and for Jumping and Hunter

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