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The Newsletter for Pet Lovers
April 23, 04

Camille Collier

There are many pets in our lives that bring joy and love to
our days but I will never own another like Tish. Tish found
us when I was 13 years old.

She was a stray cat who had a litter of kittens in our
neighbor's garage. We had been feeding her for a few weeks
when we found out the neighbor had turned the kittens in to
the shelter. Being a cat family we couldn't bear to have
Tish separated from her babies and we put Tish into our van
and headed for the shelter to adopt her young ones.

The reunion between Tish and her kittens brought tears to
our eyes and created a bond between human and feline that
would only be broken by death. Tish remained loyal to us
throughout our many moves across the US and watched as me
and my sisters grew up and eventually left home to start our
own lives. She was a counselor for many hard times and was
always willing to lend a comforting paw when needed.

As she got older she wasn't able to walk well and eventually
she even got to the point of not being able to care for
herself. But because she had been with us for so long and
had always been considered a family member my mom didn't
have the heart to put her to sleep.

She had seen other cats come into our family and depart for
many different reasons including three litters of her own.
She was always able to be a surrogate mommy to the others
brought into the household. She passed away of natural
causes at the age of 19 years. The cats mom had in the
house at the time sat and mourned the loss of a very good
friend and comforted mom as Tish would have. It's
comforting to think that she passed the love and compassion
she had onto the others. We will always remember the feline
with the heart of a saint. May she rest in peace until we
can be together again.


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Jasmine, Cleopatra, and Sadie
Carla Dabrowski

My husband and I got married in May of 1998. He was being
stationed in Spain for the military. I would shortly follow
and find that he had adopted two kittens before I came. Two
sisters to be exact. Because my husband was interested in
the Arabic culture, we named the two new member of our
family Jasmine and Cleopatra.

About two years later, with many funny and not so funny cat
stories, we boarded a plane headed for the United States,
all four of us. The only other companions they had on that
ride were German Shepherds and Labradors. Jasmine has been a
little insane ever since. That just adds to her diva
personality though.

Jasmine wants things on her terms but Cleo on the other
hand, will jump in your lap at the drop of a hat. A little
"here kitty" and she comes barreling.

One day, a trip to the vet's office made our family of four
turn into five. There was this darling 5 week old kitten
just rescued from a farm filled with torture. She had a
broken tail, and a bit ear and neck. For all of her wounds,
she had spunk. My husband held her and made the mistake of
looking away from her. She gave him a little gentle smack
on the cheek to regain his attention. She was daddy's girl
ever since.

Sadie is her name. She has more spunk and charisma than the
other two combined. She pounces on and chases her sisters.
Being half their size is not a deterrent in the least. We
have 3 totally different personalities in our cat family and
love them all.

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