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Tippy and Alfred started writing their Peppy Pets
Newsletter for pets on December 20, 2002. Since then
they have been publishing high quality pet newsletters
averaging 2 a month.

Below are many of our Peppy Pets Daily newsletters
archived. There are a good many that are not. Most
newsletters were updated from their original content
in 2010.

These updated newsletters contain a high percentage
of stories our readers have sent to us about their
pets along with hundreds of pictures of their pets.

These pet stories will not be found anywhere else on
the Internet. They are original as also are the pictures
of these pets.

Tippy and Alfred began publishing their first newsletter
called Happy & Healthy Pets which was a sensation. Pet
owners love that pet newsletter. Unfortunately due
to two major mailing software problems we had, the
subscriber list was lost.

All subscribers to their Peppy Pets have subscribed
via the web site. We currently send each issue out to
over 78,000 pet owners. When Happy & Healthy Pets
went out of print there were over 100,000 subscribers.

The Tipster and Sir Alfred also invite you to check
out the rest of their web site which contains over
4,500 pages of pet information on virtually all aspects
of pet health and a huge variety of pets, including
horses, invertebrates, rodents, pocket pets, reptiles,
fish, birds, dogs and cats.

Send us a story about your pet and we will try to
publish it in a future issue of Peppy Pets.

The pet newsletter was first named The Peppy Pets
Daily, then in 2009 was changed to just be Peppy Pets.

The web site has undergone about 3 major design changes
since it's inception in 2002. Content has been updated as
needed and new content added on a continual basis.

Tippy and Alfred and all the pets here at Pet Care Tips
have been very busy providing you with the best pet
information you can find on the internet along with
some of the coolest pet stories you will find anywhere.

Their site is a family friendly site so you don't
ever have to worry about your children viewing anything
that would be offensive or off color, or morally
offensive to them.

We love pets here and we love helping pets live happier
lives and we love helping pet owners have a higher
quality existence with their pets.

We believe in helping others as we have been incredibly
blessed in our own lives.

Thank you for being such a great pet parent and for
taking the time to visit our site.

Tippy and Alfred

Jan 23     -     Treating frostbite in pets, Zonza & Angel.

Newsletters 2009

Jan 22      -    Being a Dog Mom, Gracie Mae.
Feb 13     -    Dog Antioxidants, Little Orphan Andy, Scooter, Toby.
May 22    -    National Pet Month, the Velvet Tulip, Jack.
June 22    -    Interview Stump Westminster Best, Angel Deaf Chihuahua
July 31     -    Free Dog Food Samples, Zorro, Tiger.
Oct 05     -    Keep your pet warm this winter, dog clothing
Oct 19     -    Pet Health Month, Maggie, Doshia, Ringo & Wiggles.
Nov 02    -    Dog cancer drug, Max, Murtaugh & Butterscotch, Popeye.
Nov 16    -    Influenza pets, pet gift items, traveling with your pets.

I had a Siamese female cat named Mama cat for 14 years when I
was between the ages of 2 and 16. After Mama cat died, I
continued to see her lying on the foot of my bed, or walking
down the hall to my bedroom, or standing on her two hind
feet at the counter beside my mother. I have continued to
glimpse her over the years during my visits home. I am now
43 years old. After about 10 years, my mother admitted that
she too sees Mama cat occasionally. My oldest son has also
seen her numerous times during his visits with his

These sightings have disconcerted my mother over the years.
I have always taken comfort from the thought that Mama cat
had remained exactly where she wanted to be, in the home
with the family she loved so well.

Newsletters 2004

January 2004
Jan. 02     -    Dog Resolutions, Tonka, Floradorible, Missy, Punkin.
Jan. 05     -    Sparky McFeel Good, Goldie & Ebony, Lucky.
Jan. 08     -    Why Cats Upchuck, Britches, Mattie & Maudie, Sasha.
Jan. 12     -    Pet World Record holders, Boo Boo, Taylor & Toffey.
Jan. 14     -    Top 50 Animals on TV, Max & Barney, Jaz, Jasper.
Jan. 19.    -    Pet Poisoning, Precious Marie, Dude, Buttons.
Jan. 22     -    Euthanized Pets in Pet Food, Merlyn, Kimi, Benji, Dawg.
Jan. 26     -    Mad Cow Disease & Your Pet, Oliver, Tony, Baxter.
Jan. 29     -    Dog Training Tips, Judy's Zoo, Jessie, Chance.
February 2004
Feb. 05     -    Cancer & Pets - Nokta, Jamie & Jet, Yeowler.
Feb. 12     -    Jake, Sha-Lyn, Lobo, Ethoxyquin As A Preservative.
Feb. 19     -    Eszie, Bug & buttons, Bucky,  Overweight Dogs.
Feb. 23     -    Pippin, Kiko, Li'l Bit, Arnie, Looey, D'Monica.
Feb. 26     -    Canine Cuisine - Kayla & Flip, Beau.
March 2004
March 04    -    Testing on Animals.
March 08    -    Dental Problems and Your Dog
March 11    -    Dog Allergies, Sweetie & Ebony.
March 16    -    Jinx The Cat - Felix, Gambit & the boys.
March 19    -   Iditarod, Weiner Dog Racing, Freeman & Morris, Jayle.
March 25    -    The Life of A Shelter Dog, Daisy, Oopie Choo.
March 31    -    Pet Law and Animal Welfare, Pumpkin, cat stress.
April 2004
April 05    -     Taffy, Mad Cow disease, do you kiss your pet.
April 14    -     Tax Deductions for Your Pets?, Whiskers.
April 23    -     Pet Fun Stuff, Tish
May 2004
May 03    -    Princess, Patches, Reddy & Precious, Rug Nuggets.
May 13    -    Does Cigarette Smoke Harm Your Pet, Grizzly, Cleopatra.
May 19    -    All About Pet Noses, Jake the Great, Rex.
May 28    -    Guardian Angels Helping Pets.
June 2004
June 03    -    Mai-coh, Lucky Girl.
June 17    -    Tips on How Not To Feed Your Cat, Missy, Pooky.
June 24    -    Take Dog To Work Day, cat calories, Phoebe.
June 30    -    Cat Feeding Tips, Lady & Pup, Sparkles, Blackie, Bob.
July 2004
July 08    -    Snowflake & Frankie Blue Eyes, Midnight.     
July 15    -    Pet Pigs, Tobey, cat articles, Scooter.
July 21    -    Pet Bad Breath, Spade & Reba, Sammy & Tootsie, Patches.
July 29    -    Little Sammi Ding Dong, Sasha, Jean-luc-Picard.
August 2004
August 05    -    Pet Classifieds, Sandy, Koby Kyle, Heidi.
August 12    -    Angel Gifts, Lancelot & Maverick, Toi, Shi & Kooke.
August 18    -    Antioxidants & Pets, Benny & Frankie, beware of kennels.
August 25    -    The Cat Hotel, Eszie, Bug, Buttons, Bjork.

September 2004
Sept. 01     -  Amos & Friskie, She She & Gabby, Quarter horses.
Sept 09      -  Angel is going home, stuffed animals.
Sept 16      -  Dog & Cat Movies, Sweeteners & Pets, Pet Gifts
Sept 24      -  Pet Supplies, stories about taking pets on vacation.
Sept 29      -  Cat behavior problems.

October 2004
Oct. 06       -  Animal Posters, Bob, George the boa constrictor.
Oct 14        -  Sid the Mustang horse, Harley.
Oct 21        -  Cheyenne, Rodent care.
Oct 28        -  Pet Safety Halloween, Junior, Willie & Caitlin.

(There were no issues published in November)

December 2004
Dec 06        -  Dog-Mas, Kira, Worf, Babe, Twinky.
Dec 20        -  Santa's animals, Sweet One, Frisco, Sheba, Ginger.
Dec 30        -  Mistiee, Bogie & Bacall, Sassafrass.

I believe some pets come back to spend more time with us.
Guardian angel? I'm not sure...but man's best friends
...yes! I had a friend whose beloved dog died. One day she
said she saw her dog, it was brief, and as he left , the door
to her bedroom closed. She felt he was okay then...he was in
no more pain, and was reassuring her that he was still
around her. This made it easier for my friend to accept his
going. What a wonderful gift to be given...
Janet D 

Newsletters 2003
January 2003
Jan. 01     -   Mikki Agee, Cujo, Tigger, Nightmare, Zsa Zsa.
Jan. 03     -   Ragtime, The Little Horse With Big Plans, Kasey Jo.
Jan. 08     -   Beware Hartz flea medicine, Hitch Hiker, Ruger.
Jan. 10     -   Miss Suggi Baby & The Big Green Climber, Tootie.
Jan. 13     -   Spaz & Jasper, Miles, Cookie, Penny.
Jan. 14     -   Cold Weather Pet Care, Deebo, Tiger, Dweezy, Maggie.
Jan. 17     -   The Story of Pywacket, Jack the cat, Nermal, Brandy.
Jan. 20     -   Cocoa, Mittens & Buzz, Buddy & Taxi.
Jan. 22     -   Cat Appreciation Month, Sassy, Panda, Peaches.
Jan. 24     -   Shayna, the Hair Band Caper.
Jan. 27     -   Ester, Bocephus, German Shepherd jokes.
Jan. 29     -   Best Dog Food For Your Money - Chewbacca.
Jan. 30     -   Moe McGaffer, Bear, Thunder, Mitzi Ann, Pet mange.
February 2003
Feb. 03     -     C.J., Spanky, Wheaters, Ashley, Chloe, Sidney.
Feb. 05     -     All About Euthanasia, Tuply, Luna, Rio.
Feb. 07     -     Pet Dental Health - Bobbie Bravehart
Feb. 10     -     Cat Poem, Pauly the kitten gets rescued.
Feb. 12     -     Overweight Dogs, Pet longevity, Laddie & Charlie.
Feb. 14     -     Ragtime, horse products, Pepe.
Feb. 17     -     Cocoa #2, Rocky, Pro Zack & Eli Grumbles.
Feb. 19     -     Pet Ear Mites, Beau, Mai Tai, Max.
Feb. 20     -     Mr. Chubby Checkers, cat mucous, Swiffer.
Feb. 24     -     Shy, Tasha, Sushi.
Feb. 26     -     Canned Pet Foods, Tager, Myrtle & Maude, Callie.
Feb. 28     -     Tony, Missy saved my life, Stonewall, Toffie.
March 2003
March 03   -   Pet Treats, Bubba, Attack Kitty, White Sox.
March 05   -   Epilepsy in Pets, Kandy & Smuggler Kane, Bear & Peach.
March 07   -   Tigger - Sweetiebird, Hershey, Abby & Molly.
March 09   -   Kitty tales, Munchkin, Cosmos, Natasha & Liebchen.
March 12   -   Pet Vitamin Supplements, Rolff, Pugsley.
March 14   -   Matches, Purronita, Molly & Patches, Ditymau.
March 19   -   Free Radicals & Your Pet, Molly, Petie & Roxy.
March 20   -   Misty Bleu, Max & Kitty, Sherlock Holmes.
March 26   -   Ear Mites, Gizmo, Lucky Charm, Jazmine, Maxwell.
March 28   -   Jack's Story - We Need Your Help
March 30   -   The Squeekmeister, Chloe, Trazzy, Baby & Bubba.
April 2003
April 02    -    Skin Problems in pets, Buster, Sequilla, Turbo Bunny, Dusty.
April 07    -    BeeBee & Bisty.
April 08    -    Pet Emergencies & JJ & Princess.  
April 14    -    An Abused Dog, Radar & Buster, Teenie.
April 16,   -    Arthritis & Agility problems in dogs & cats, Chico.
April 18    -    Pets come back to us, Cody, Pet Safe Cleaning products.
April 21    -    Do you tell your pets you love them?
April 23    -    When should you call your vet, pet drinking water, Blackie.
April 25    -    Chaos & Bob, Spunky, Jasmine, Abby & Ginger.
April 28    -    Is your pet overweight, Marv, Tigger, Tiger & Sheba.
April 30    -    Pet Vitamins, Bandit, Scribbles, Troubles.
May 2003
May 02    -    Kyle - Fluffy.
May 05    -    Ziggy the bunny, Pancake, Kiki & Stella, Gypsy.
May 06    -    Natural Flea Control, Merle.
May 12    -    Kayla, Brandy.
May 14    -    Canned pet foods, Peaches, Sonny Bono, Twine.
May 16    -    Jake, a real hero, pet odors, Peaches the Beagle, Dumbo.
May 19    -    Pickle the Poodle, Max, Sally, Fluffy.
May 21    -    Pet Health care, Princess, Benny, Jake.
May 22    -    Funny bunny, Princess, Snowflake & Baby, Kids in cat's fur.
May 26    -    Cat stories, Lord Fontlary, MofFo, Reyna.
May 30    -    Chad the Fireman, Diablo & Gator.
June 2003
June 02    -    Putney & Tank.
June 09    -    Tucker, Velvet, Tygrlilly, Axl, Natural cleaning products
June 11    -    Dog arthritis, Snoopy.
June 15    -    Zazu & Sabra.
June 18    -    Mikey the Cat, Lil' LuLu.
June 20    -    Rover, Louie was best man at my wedding.
June 23    -    Mulligan, Dixie.
June 25    -    Augies Doggies Rescue, Tiny.
June 27    -    That's my baby Rascal, Miss Cleopatra.
June 30    -    Dog Skin Problems, Buddy & Sassy, 18 cats & 11 horses.
July 2003
July 02    -    Heat warning for pets, Chanel, Shelly, Hannibal.
July 04    -    Heidi & Max, Tigger, Miss Kitty.
July 07    -    Junior the Velcro Kitty, Mieze.
July 09    -    Traveling with your dog,  Casey Blue, Pete the Hero.
July 16    -    Ferret store - Mooshka Dahoya Pretty Cat.
July 18    -    Euphrates, the Marmalade Tabby - Cracker Jack.
July 21    -    Sandy died from killer bees, Precious, Snickers Marie.
July 23    -    Arthritis Problems in Pets, dangers of Hartz flea medicine.
July 24    -    Polydactyl cats, Nemesis & the vacuum cleaner monster.
July 28    -    Monkey, Amanda, Maggie Mae, Otto & Frannie.
July 29    -    When to call the vet?, Flocky & Teddy.
August 2003
Aug 01     -  Do Pet's Come Back as Angels? - Thunder, Bubbles, Spotee.
Aug 06     -  Overweight dogs, Trixie, Tommy, Sammy, Chaquita.
Aug 11     -  If Dogs could talk, Blacky, Sods.
Aug 13     -  West Nile Virus - Hartz Flea Kills, Maggie
Aug 15     -  World's Tallest Horse - Percherons.
Aug 18     -  Tippy Gets A Bath - Sasha, J.R.
Aug 20     -   Pet Disease & Preservatives, Dice, Matches & Hobbes.
Aug 22     -   Traveling With a Dog, Shadoe, Kiki, Shane, Baby Girl.
Aug 25     -   Amos, Frisky, Buddy, Tigger, Tilly, Twinkle, Shirly Girl.
Aug 27     -   Heatstroke & Dogs, Bonnie & Clyde, Buttons.
Aug 29     -   Seabiscuit, The Long Shot That Captured America's Heart
September 2003
Sept. 01     -   We buy 2 horses, Bandit. 
Sept. 03     -   Pet Dandruff & Pet Shampoo, Tafi, Daisy.
Sept. 05     -   Crazy Joe - Samyot, Godiva, Chocolatier, Heidie & Quanta.
Sept. 08,    -   Abbie, Gizmo Moo Cow Cat, Muffie & Scritch.
Sept. 09     -   Make Money @ Home Helping Pets - Dog history. Puppy
Sept. 12     -   Deebo - How To Name A Dog, Shanti.
Sept. 15     -   We put Muffin to sleep.
Sept. 19     -   Pet Nutritional Supplements - Ebony.
Sept. 22     -   Horse Humor - Hannalee's Princess, Dazy-g.
Sept. 23     -   Pet Allergies - Kitten Care - Why Cats Need Taurine
Sept. 26     -   Maggie - Rainbow Bridge - helping pets.
Sept. 29     -   Pet friendly motor lodge, Annie & Bo, Smooch.
October 2003
Oct. 01     -   Cat poems, Lawrence.
Oct. 03     -   Jasper Saved My Life - Cats With Runny Noses, Venny.
Oct. 06     -   Bitsy, Tobias, Sammy & Tyler, Cat Quiz.
Oct. 08     -   Is Your Dog Overweight - Billy.
Oct. 10     -   Boo Boo the Toy Poodle, Famous Lions We Love
Oct. 13     -   Sara's spirit lives on, J.R.
Oct. 15     -   Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Buster Brown, Madolyn.
Oct. 17     -   Buster - Chadwick, Ambie & Cocoa.
Oct. 19     -   Duffy, Roy Rogers, Mulan.
Oct. 23     -   Taking cats on vacation, Schnozz, Spotee, Tigger Litttle.
Oct. 27     -   Traveling with dogs, Catcher, Blacky, Trix, Molly.
November 2003
Nov. 01     -    Why Bladder Stones Form.
Nov. 03     -     Our Tribute to Snoopy, Charlie Brown, & Peanuts
Nov. 06     -     Black Cats & Halloween - Duke & Rosie, Nanook.
Nov. 10     -     Do pets Reincarnate?
Nov. 13     -     Brutus the blind dog, Friskie, Myra.
Nov. 17     -     Sherwood & Dillon, Leroy, Miracle & Sam.
Nov. 19     -     Dog Training Tips - Heidi Ann.
Nov. 27     -     Feeding Table Scraps to Your Pet.
December 2003
Dec. 01     -    Muffin, Elvis, Toby Joe.
Dec. 04     -    Slingshot, Sophie, Baby & Blacky.
Dec. 08     -    Healthy Pet Treats, my cats come running, Coco, Gypsy.
Dec. 11     -    Brutus, Same & Emmitt, Cheyenne, Spunk.
Dec. 15     -    Tiddleewinks, Missy Lou, Lizzy & Binford.
Dec. 22     -    Angel, Cat's Resolutions, My cats boss me around.
Dec. 29     -    Make Money @ Home helping pets.
Dec. 30     -    Mattie, Tigger, Marmalade, Travis.

Newsletters 2002
Dec. 20       -  Do Reindeer Fly, Mindy, Kendra, Rocky, Boo Boo.
Dec. 22       -  Pet Nutrition, what's in pet food.
Dec. 23       -  Rudolph saves Christmas, Squeaky, Ice.
Dec. 25       -  What did Santa bring your pet, Snake, Moul.
Dec. 27       -  Lucy - Missy & Bobby - Pet Stories.


I had a small dog who was 15 years old and she past away
last year around August 9; her name was Lady. She was my best
friend through all the times I've been through. She had a
heart problem for many years and she had a severe cough. My
Mother had a severe heart attack around the first part of
June of last year and my dog was depressed because I had to
leave her at the Vet's office several times to go to
Morgantown, WV to be with my Mom. 

She knew something wasn't right every time I would pick her
up and take her home. My Mom came home finally the first
part of Aug. and the next week my Lady died in my arms. Each
night now when I'm watching TV I feel her laying down at the
end of the couch and waiting for to go to bed. Thank you for
letting share this with you.

Beth Dayton


Yes I believe pets go to heaven and I sure hope I see them
again. I just lost one of my cats Reds after 12 years he
died very sudden and the vet is still not sure why. I talk
to him all the time he would come get me at bedtime and I
sure miss that now his brother has taken his place and is
sleeping with me I think Reds has told him to do that. I
know God will take care of all the animals till we get


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