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Applehead Chihuahuas, a Tiny Little Dog with Short Legs,
but, Oh, So Cute.
By: Tippy and Alfred

The Applehead Chihuahua is a term applied to the shape of
the head of this breed's puppies. They are born with a skull
that is apple-shaped, with the top of the head being wider
than the jaw. The top of the head also has a small
depression where an apple would have one. This is also
called a molera by the Spanish and is the soft spot on the
puppy's head where the fontanels haven't joined yet. Some
Chihuahuas have it and others do not.

There has been an argument among dog breeders over whether
the molera is actually a detriment and should be counted as
a demerit to the lineage of a Chihuahua. As of right now
whether or not a Chihuahua has a molera has no bearing on
its pedigree and standing in the AKC.

The standards of the breed according to the American Kennel
Club are that the head is to have "A well rounded "apple
dome" skull, with or without molera." So as a requirement
the head of a Chihuahua should be apple-shaped in order to
be AKC registered and shown.

The weight limit for a Chihuahua is six pounds (2.72
kilograms) and the dog is not to exceed this limit. If the
Chihuahua gains too much weight the head shape won't be as
defined. This breed does not do well health-wise with extra
weight, in any event. The extra weight puts a strain on
their internal organs and systems. You should control the
diet of your Chihuahua and never feed it human food or table

These dogs are tiny, with short small legs that do not
support extra weight well. Sometimes they will develop a
condition known as "slipped stifles" which is an injury to
the knee when the patella fractures. It can be fixed with
surgery but it is a painful and expensive procedure that can
easily be avoided by controlling the weight of your
Chihuahua. Also a Chihuahua should never jump from a high
place as the legs and joints can't take the strain.

It is very important that if you are going to buy this breed
you get a puppy from a respectable breeder that can show you
proof that the pup has no inheritable weaknesses in the
line. You should be able to see the parents and have a full
lineage printout in order to avoid genetic disorders.

The Chihuahua can live around fifteen years if it has proper
diet and exercise. Remember that the Chihuahua will eat
whatever you put down for it, so it is important to control
their diet. For a dog to have a full healthy life they need
to be cared for properly and they will return the favor with
love and affection.

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