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Aquarium Aeration

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Aerating the Fish Tank Aquarium
Nathan Miller

As we all know rivers and lakes are the natural habits for fish
and other marine life. Rivers and lakes have large surface area
which makes maximum provision of oxygen for fish survival
possible. On the other hand an aquarium is not like river or
lake, it has a smaller surface area and there is limited
movement of habitats.

This makes the provision of alternative means of oxygen for
fish to breathe important. This artificial process of providing
oxygen is called aeration. It's a simple process of
re-oxygenating the water in aquarium tank.

The Aquarium Aerating System:

An aquarium aerating system is made up of a series of materials
that increases the supply of air (thereby increasing oxygen
concentration) they are:

-the air pump
-rubber tubing
-clamp or regulator
-diffusers or airstone

Air pumps come in different shapes and sizes but the most
popular ones are tecax air pump from Taiwan together with 'dyna
free, and the dragon' another popular one is super 555 from
India though cheaper, but not as rugged. Occasionally available
are the more expensive whisper and rens air pumps from Uk and
rance respectively. Always place air pumps above the water
level hooked to a non-vibrating material.

You can accomplish aeration in your aquarium tank by using the
above listed aeration materials.

For small tanks all you need is to attach a simple aquarium air
pump to airstone by means of a rubber air tube. The system will
be blowing air into the water which causes motion in aquarium
tank and thus provide the necessary oxygen your fish needs to
breathe in the aquarium.

Sometimes people complain that the airpumps are too loud. A
tricks to keep the air pump quiet is to insulate it's
vibrations by placing the air pump on a large sponge.

I have even heard of some people who have buried the pump in
cat litter with a air tube running to the surface from the air
inlet... but you don't have to go to that extent. A large
sponge should do the trick.

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