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Dorothy & Nemo's

Pet Fish Care & Fishie Fun Stuff Page

Absolutely Adorable Stuffed Plush Fish

Colorful Fish, Aquarium & Fishing Calendars

Dorothy & Nemo our pet Goldfish

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Pet Fish Care

Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Aquarium Fish Food Tips
A short introduction to Flowerhorn Cichlids
Bettas - the most Exotic Fish for Freshwater Aquariums
Breeding Discus Fish
Breeding Goldfish - Goldfish Females Appreciate a Date done Right
Breeding Gouramis
Breeding Oscar Fish
Breeding Tetra Fish Successfully
Care of the Siamese Fighting Fish
Choosing Koi for your Aquarium
Clown Loaches

Danios - a Great Freshwater Tropical Fish for Beginning Aquarist
Discus Fish
Efficient Care Requirements for Aquarium Fish
Fancy Guppies make Colorful Pets for your Aquarium
Feeding Bettas
Freshwater Tropical Fish Guide - the Blue Gourami
Glossary Aquarium Fish Terms
How to buy Healthy Fish
How to take Care of Betta Fish
Jack Dempsey Fish

Keeping Gars - a Short Review
Lemon Tetra - a Perfect Addition for your Community Aquarium
List of all Freshwater Aquarium Fishes
Lungfish - the fish time forgot
Mollies are Great Freshwater Tropical Fish for the Home Aquarium
Neon Tetras
Shell Dwellers
Snakeheads - Bringers of Fear, Myths and Controversy

Tropical Fish
All about Tropical Fish
Aquarium Sharks
Basics of Saltwater Tropical Fish
Breeding Clownfish
Breeding Piranhas
Feeding your Pet Stingray
Keeping Tropical Fish - a new Adventure?
Learn how to keep your Tropical Fish Healthy and Happy
Tips for Buying Tropical Fish
What are Bottom Water Tropical Fish?
What you should know about Feeding your Tropical Fish

Colors, Shapes and Sizes make for different Types of Goldfish
Goldfish Analysis & Behavior
Goldfish Care - Learn the Basics to Happy, Healthy Goldfish
Goldfish Feeding Tips
Goldfish Outdoors how to Build an Outside Goldfish Pond
Providing the Best Care for your Goldfish
Sick Goldfish - Step One, Prevention, Step Two, Monitor....

Types of Goldfish
A list of the Varieties of Goldfish
Black Moor
Bubble Eye
Celestial Eye
Telescope Eye
Panda Moor

Aquariums & Fish Tanks

#1 way for your Saltwater Aquarium Setup
Ahh! Saltwater Aquarium Pests and Parasites
Acrylic Fish Tanks: your Decorating Options
Aquarium Aeration Basics
Aquarium Plants and Lighting Mini-guide
Aquarium Questions - Cleaning your Aquarium?
Aquarium Supply Necessary for Novice
Aquarium Tank Basics
Are you in need of Saltwater Aquarium Decorations?
Caring for your aquarium and tropical fishes

Fish Tank Gravel for a Unique Tank
Fish Tank Lights offer a Lot of Variety
Fish Tank Pump - the Heart of the Tank
Getting the Right Aquarium Heater for your Tropical Fish Tank
How to care for your Saltwater Aquarium Plants

How to choose a Tropical Fish Aquarium
How to choose the Best Aquarium Filter for your Fish
How to Keep your Aquarium’s Temperature just Right
How to Setup a Freshwater Tropical Fish Tank
Is your Aquarium Balanced?
Keeping the Goldfish Aquarium Clean
List of Marine Aquarium Fish

Picking the Right Aquarium Type
Proper Diet for the Discus Fish
Raising Vinegar Eels for the Aquarium
Saltwater Aquarium, do you really want one?
Simple and Effective Solutions for Aquarium Algae
The Benefits of Acrylic Aquariums
The Forgotten Art of Fish Tank Cleaning
The Hobby of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Keeping
Tropical Fish and Aquariums
Tropical Fish and it's Aquarium Maintenance

Fishie Fun Stuff

A List of the Types of Fish and their Common Names
Do Fish See in Color
Feng Shui Fish Symbolism
List of Official State Fishes
Types of Seafood

Pet Fish Health Care

Are your Fish Sick?
Dealing with Cotton Mouth Disease
Fin rot   (Also Tail Rot)
How to Discover and Prevent Aquarium Fish Illness
Is your Goldfish Constipated?
List of Aquarium Fish Diseases
Mouth Fungus (see above cotton mouth disease)
Skin and Gill Flukes in Tropical Fish
Tumors in Tropical Fish
White Spot Disease Symptoms and Cures
White Spot Disease in Tropical Fish

Outdoors Fish Ponds

Avoiding Unsightly Algae
External vs. Submersible Pumps. which one should you use

Fall Pond Cleaning
How to choose between Goldfish and KOI
Introduction to Aquaponics
Lazy Fish Worries

Maintaining Oxygen Levels in Fish and KOI Ponds
Over Wintering Pond Fish
Plants that help keep your Fish Pond Healthy
Tips for Backyard Fish Ponds Care
To Salt or Not to Salt your Pond

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