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Simple and Effective Solutions for Aquarium Algae
Nathan Miller

Eradication of encrusting algae could be done simply by
periodically scraping the sides of the aquarium or scrubbing
the rocks.

For those with plastic plants and a completely white gravel
bed, the situation could be more tasking as it would be
necessary to bleach the rocks to remove all traces of algae.

However, if you do this, do make sure that you rinse the gravel
thoroughly afterwards. Bleach is highly toxic, and even small
amounts can have a drastic effect on the aquarium fish.

Since the primary cause of green algae is too much light. The
fist step in the treatment schedule should be light reduction
then partial water changes and an adequate stocking with
natural aquarium plants. A final treatment with an algae remedy
should ensure that the problem is eradicated and is at least
kept at bay for some time.

One of the factors mentioned above is the use of natural
aquatic plants as a means of algae control. This is really more
effective than many people think.

For a start, luxuriant plant growth will filter out some of the
light keeping algae in check. In addition plants absorb a large
variety of chemicals from the water, thereby starving algae of
some of their essential nutrients e.g. nitrates (not nitrites).

Surprising as though it may seem, an adequate plant stocking
level is approximately 50 small plants per square root of
available space.

The treatment I mentioned is the use of an algaecide. I must
stress the word "use:" it is very different to "abuse"!

Yet despite this difference, I know that some people will still
persist in pouring the chemical remedy into their aquarium and
expect the problem to disappear overnight, even though they
have done absolutely nothing to alter the conditions in the
tank that brought about the problem in the first place.

The conditions I stated above have to be adhering to for any
lasting effect to occur! Now that we know how to curb the
menace of the green algae, in another article I shall discuss
it's ugly "sister" brown algae (the brown encrusting algae
whose case is the reverse of green algae).

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