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Aquarium Questions - Cleaning your Aquarium?
Addison Ercanbrack

Why does my aquarium stink?

When the mosses mix with the water, the water becomes dense and
sticky. Mosses live through in the oxygen in the water. They
excrete carbon dioxide that causes the water to become stinky.

* Why is my aquarium green?

The green colors that appear in your aquarium are mosses. They
are water plants that serve as foods for the fishes. Sometimes
the green pigment will mix with the water causing it to blur.

* How do I clean my aquarium?

When your aquarium already has noticeable mosses around it and
already emits an unpleasant smell, it's time to clean your
aquarium. Cleaning an aquarium is as easy as washing dishes in
the sink. All you have to do is remove the fish in your
aquarium first. Transfer them temporarily to a bowl or a pail
with water. After transferring the fish into the bowl remove
and discard the stinky water in your aquarium. Remove all other
equipment in your aquarium including rocks and accessories.

Wipe your aquarium with a smooth surface sponge so that the
glass will not be scratched. You may use other glass cleaning
substances but be sure to rinse the glass thoroughly before
putting the fish back in. The substances you have used may
contaminate your pets and can damage their skin. If you use tap
water to refill your tank, be sure to treat it first with a
chorine neutralizer. Again, the chlorine in tap water can
damage fish and frog's skin.

* What cleaning supplies do I need for my aquarium?

Cleaning your aquarium does not need complicated tools,
supplies and processes. All you need are smooth-surface
sponges, a small amount of glass cleaner and water. A small
brush may also be used to clean your aquarium accessories. Soap
may also be ideal to use instead of glass cleaner. Just be sure
that whatever substance you use you clean thoroughly. As
mentioned above, the cleaners may contaminate and damage your
pet. So, be sure to rinse the aquarium well.

* What do I do with the fish when I clean my aquarium?

In cleaning your aquarium, you have to transfer your fish into
a bowl with water that has been treated in advance with a
chlorine neutralizer. Use a net to transfer fish to avoid
accidents. Catch the fish and slowly transfer them into the
bowl of treated water.

About the Author: Addison Ercanbrack is a regular contributor
to aquarium and fish-related resources such as

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