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Caring for your aquarium and tropical fishes.
Partha Mitra

Whether you have a big sized aquarium with lots of tropical fish
or just a glass bowl on your table with a couple of Gold fishes,
they give you great pleasure.

Fishes are most soothing pets, but they can be real delicate too.
However you can take a good care for your fishes by remembering
some small tips.

Whether you are out for a couple of days, your fishes will be there
waiting for you when you come back. Here are some tips to
keep your fishes healthy.

1) Cleaning your aquarium or tank

Your fish survives in the water of your tank or your aquarium.
Not only they eat in it but also the water gradually accumulates
the bio-waste from our fishes and gravel.

So it makes a god sense to clean the aquarium and change the water
once a week. Do not change the entire water immediately. Fishes are
sensitive to water temperature and a sudden change may affect them.

Collect your fishes in a tub or a plastic bag with some water of your
tank or aquarium. Seal the plastic bag and put it safely. Then clean
the aquarium and change the water. Put the plastic bag (with the
fishes and water) inside the aquarium -without opening it. Let the
temperature of the water inside the plastic bag change gradually
to that of the new water in the aquarium. Your fishes will adapt to
the new temperature. Then open the plastic bag and release the
fishes inside the aquarium.

After all a clean aquarium is always more pleasant to look at.

2) Cleaning your aquarium’s air pump

Dirt and gravel often coagulates the air pump making it function less
efficiently. Often bio-waste accumulates in the air filter. Consider
changing the air filter at least once a month or as mentioned in
the air-pump manual

3) Feeding your fishes.

One big word: Do Not Overfeed your fishes. Most aquarium fishes
die of overfeeding rather then underfeeding. Also leftover foods
(usually your fishes will continue eating till they are in real trouble!)
contaminate the water, and promote bacteria harmful to the fishes.

Feed the fish small amounts, which they can consume in three to
five minutes and feed them daily. And if you are going out for a
couple of days in the weekend, do not try to feed them an extra
quantity on Friday. Your fishes will do well on an empty stomach
for a couple of days. Also it is always better not to ask your helpful
neighbor not to feed your fish when you are away for the weekend.
The chances are that your over-zealous neighbor will overfeed them
(with a good intention, of course!).

There is sufficient food in a balanced aquarium to keep fish healthy
even though not fed for a day or more.

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