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Most folks believe

that our deceased pets

return as Angels


Peppy Pets
August 01, 2003

Do Pets Come Back To Us As Angels?

Over a year ago we asked our readers if they believed our
precious pets went to Heaven or a better place after their
life here on earth.

The over whelming response was YES! In fact over 90%
of the folks that wrote in said yes they did go to heaven.
Here's some of the thousands of responses we got back

Today our question to you is:
Do you believe our favorite pets come back to
us as Guardian Angels?

If so, or if not, we would love to hear your viewpoints:
Send us an email and let us know how you feel:

Read the Rainbow Bridge Poem


We wanted to let you know how very much we do appreciate
you for being a faithful reader of our newsletter!

Thank you so much for the caring pet owner you are.
Without you, we wouldn't exist.



Thunder came to us one night straight from a cop car. He
still had a long cable around his neck, and the dog-stick.
They thought he was vicious, being mostly a pit bull.

When I met Thunder the next morning, he had been
cleaned and freed by the head of our pet rescue group, but
was still so scared, he hadn't laid down all night, and was
shaking so hard, he could hardly stand.

I looked at him, he looked at me, and gave a big thunderous
"woof"! I said, " Okay, your name is Thunder."

I talked them into taking him for a walk the first day. Generally,
we don't do that right off, but I felt this fellow needed to
know who we all were, and that we weren't there to hurt him.

From that day on, we found Thunder to be about as threatening
as Ferdinand. His method of protecting you is to get between
you and whatever threatens. That's it. Nice and quiet. Just
watching. I am happy to say we found a home for Thunder
just this week, that sounds as special as he is.
Submitted by: Jane Peterson


I do believe that pets come back to us as guardian angels. my
cat that I've had since I was 5 died and whenever I'm sad I
think about her and it comforts me.



I definitely feel our beloved pets go to heaven and wait for
us so we can be reunited again. Two days ago I had to have
my companion for 2 months short of 16 years to sleep. She
will be cremated. Five years ago, I had to have another one
of my "kids" put to sleep. Bubbles was cremated as Tiffany
will be. When I pass, I will also be cremated. My
instructions to my children are that our ashes be mixed and
scattered so we will be together forever.

I have a wind chime hanging over my kitchen sink. On the
day Tiffany was put to sleep I was not with her. They
advised me not to be because I was having a very hard time
with it. I came home and sat here. At 3:50 p.m. the wind
chime started going in circles and chiming. Then it stopped.
At 4:10 p.m. the wind chime again sounded. This time it went
ding ding ding........ding ding ding......ding ding ding.
Then it was silent for hours. 

I strongly feel the first time was when Tiffany passed and
the second time was Bubbles letting me know all was well.
You see, when Bubbles was with us, she did everything in
3's. When she barked, it was 3 barks at a time. When she
sneezed, it was always 3 sneezes. We used to joke about
that. I truly believe my babies are together again and are
doing well.

Marcia Johnson


I lost my cat Spotee, October 28, 2002 tragically after
fighting fibrosarcoma, a cancer received by a bad leukemia
vaccination. After she died I kept hoping she would come
back to me. She was my soul mate. We were inseparable. She
went everywhere with me including the Middle East for the
past four summers. I took her to Canada and about 23 states.

I keep hoping she will come back as my guardian angel. I
light a candle for her every Monday night. I keep hoping I
will see her again. I just think she just doesn't know how
to do it but I keep hoping for the day that someone in
heaven teaches her how to do it and I can have her back.

So I welcome the thought of her being my guardian angel.
Lin Hammond

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