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Help! My dog is carrying too much weight, what can I do?

August 06, 2003

Overweight dogs. Dogs being overweight is becoming
more of an issue these days, and a very serious
health problem for the dog if not corrected.

Mainly dogs get fat or obese or just a bit overweight
because they eat too much and don't get enough
exercise. It's the same with humans. Too many calories
and a couch potato lifestyle will cause a person
and a dog to gain weight.

Daily exercise is very important.

Feeding a very high quality food is important. Also,
remember when feeding a high quality dog food, it
may be more expensive, but the dog eats less of it
because he's getting more nutrients in every bite.

Feeding a dog food that is high in corn is a leading
cause of dogs being overweight. Remember, farmers feed
corn to hogs to fatten them up for market. Feeding
a corn based food to your dog can have the same effect.

Dogs that are overweight also have higher risks of
developing certain illnesses such as heart problems,
respiratory problems, joint problems, diabetes, and
skin problems.

So what's a dog owner to do? Again exercise is a must
and feeding a dog food that is high quality and not
corn based.

See our recommendation for an excellent weight loss
dog food formula that is proven to work.

Here's an easy to read chart that will help you determine if
your dog is overweight or not:
Dog Overweight Chart

Food for Overweight Dogs


I have five wonderful pets!! I tell every one of them that I
love them many times a day!! They give me so much love and
pleasure. I have a little, female Yorkie named Trixie who
thinks she is a cat. 

I, also, have four cats - all have been rescued! Their names
are Tommy, he has extra toes, my only male and has a
fabulous personality; dawn who is the oldest, she is 11
years old and has just started to be a lap - cat - she was so
badly abused that we almost lost her when we rescued her;
Sammy, part Persian and Japanese Bobtail, they left her before she was
weaned and she is such a doll, and our newest addition,
Chaquita, part - Siamese and who knows what else.

She is very pretty with blue eyes and is very dainty - she
is crazy about my husband. She does not seem to realize that
I was the one who devoted almost an entire day to enticing
her to come to me. All of my animals are house animals as I
want the ability to protect them at all times. They are all
very happy to be house cats. Of course, my little Yorkshire Terrier
is housebroken and like walks. My husband said that all
animals seem to know that I want to protect and feed all the
strays as they seem to always come here. We are feeding
several strays everyday.

I enjoy your emails!! Thank you so much!!
Lois Keith

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