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Yorkshire Terrier Care, Health, Nutrition and Feeding
By: Tippy

The big dog in a tiny body, otherwise known as the Yorkshire
Terrier or Yorkie, is a healthy breed in general. But there
are some health care issues that you should know about if you are
considering choosing this breed.

The first challenge applies to all Yorkies, and that is hair
care. Yorkshire Terriers have a beautiful mass of fine,
long, silky hair that must be brushed daily and clipped and
groomed regularly.

Neglecting this aspect of care for your Yorkshire Terrier dog
will result in mats in the fur that not only will be
unsightly, but if they aren't cut out they can actually pull
the hair and do large damage to the dog's skin, leading to
infection. Your veterinarian or a trusted groomer can advise
you about this, or if you are brave there are books and
ebooks that will help you to clip and groom your dog

There are also a few health issues to watch out for.

Yorkshire Terriers, especially young ones, may have
hypoglycemia, commonly known as low blood sugar. Symptoms of
hypoglycemia range from weakness and lethargy to even
blindness, coma and death in severe cases. The disorder can
be treated by giving the dog glucose or in mild case simply
feeding it often throughout the day, but your veterinarian
will need to confirm the diagnosis first.

Yorkshire Terriers, like other small dogs, may suffer from a
congenital knee problem that can make them lame and is
treated, depending on the severity, by diet, exercise and
pet vitamin supplements or in severe cases surgery. Small dogs also
sometimes suffer from hydrocephalus, which is too much fluid
on the brain and results in death if not treated.

Another disorder that is seen in Yorkies is a serious liver
problem caused by poor blood flow to the liver. Dogs with
this disorder should never be bred.

Other care considerations include protected such a small dog
from injury from falling, being accidentally trod on, and
the like, and tooth care, both of which are issues for all
small dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Your Yorkshire Terrier requires a bit of extra Special Care

The Yorkshire Terrier with it's silky, flowing
coat and loving personality, have lured owners into
feeding them people food only; causing them all kinds
of problems.

Dog food with high quality protein and fat is needed
to keep skin, coat, and muscles in good health.

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The addition of antioxidants will help ensure many
years of joy.

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