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If Dogs could talk, what in the world would they say?

August 11, 03

I belong to a mini-Maltese, Suds, who had given me the
impression that he was trying to learn my language as I was
too dumb to learn his. One day while watching TV, he let me
know he wanted to go out, but I wanted to watch the show.
After a few minutes, he's bouncing up and down and I hear a
high-pitched, squeeky voice very clearly saying, "I want to
go out NOW!!" He got outside immediately - and just in time!

Another time, he had a friend over who was wet from the
rain, and having trouble on the tile floor and after
slipping and working to maintain his footing, his mistress
said (in a very shocked voice): "Did you hear that? Suds
just laughed and said "Ha ha ha!"

Jocelyn Trelles


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Receiving your mail always makes my day as I get to know
through you that many other animal lovers are here to love
and help our dear pets. Why should we pretend being Dr.
Doolittle while every animal lover is confidently sure his
sweety does speak!! I personally believe that everyone of us
chats with his pet. I know for sure I do speak with my dear
Blacky, a Giant Brindle black Boxer, and he answers me back,
he even many times begins the conversation. Not every speech
is worth hearing, but every true meaning that touches your
heart is worth seeing, feeling, understanding and believing,
so listen to your heart and you'll hear the touching words
of your loving pet.

I've heard Blacky thousands of times telling me that he
loves me more than anything and anyone on earth, even my
friends heard that. He always tells me that he's jealous
when I pet an other dog or hug a friend or my husband. He
often complain that I'm talking to friends and don't give
him enough attention. He says hurry we're late to go to the
park and meet our mutual friends. Blacky tells me he's
hungry, bored and wants to play, he needs a hug. He tells me
take out this nasty tick. And if so he always tells me I'm
hurt here and I feel very bad, please help me reduce my
pain. He even argues with me in which direction we should go
as there's an interesting dog or cat standing there or as he
needs to investigate a funny thing he's smelling or seeing.

Now if anyone doesn't recognize that talking it either means
he doesn't speak that language or he has to have his heart-
ears checked.

Yours, Sylvia Fanous


It's just absolutely wonderful. When I arrive home from work
no matter what hour my two dog's Maggie (Sheltie), Buddy
(Yorkshire Terrier) and Cat, Katie (Siamese and who knows),
just go up in joy that mom is home. They want love and ive
love hugs and kisses!!! Then there is the treat time. They
do not do this with my husband who arrives home 1 to 2 hours
home before me. 

It really makes my day to come home and get the love and
hugs from my babies. They are the best. We sleep together

If they could talk I bet they would say, I wish my mom could
stay home with us!!! We love our mom!!!


My Jack Russell Terrier would say BOY there's my mom and
kiss me as always!

Champ does a no no, but it's a cute one!

One Valentines day we were getting ready for school and
not really paying any attention to our dog. He was only
a few months old and not fully potty trained.

He pooped in the hall in the shape of a heart. We
couldn't get mad at him it was Valentines day!

I think that if my dog could talk she would just keep
telling me and my husband how much she loves us and how much
she misses us when we leave her alone with the cat. I think
she'd also tell us that she wants to go everywhere with us
when we get in the car.

My cat, he seems kind of standoffish (aren't they all), so I
think he would just come talk to us when he wants attention.
Then he would say, "Pet me now you silly human!"

Shari O'Leary

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