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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - Awards -

Best in Show

This award has been given out since 1907. The owner of the
dog that wins Best in Show receives a silver trophy from the
Westminster Kennel Club. The trophy is given to the dog who
has received top honors from three separate judges: Judge of
the Breed, Judge of the Group and Judge of the Best in Show.
In order to be the Best in Show Judge, you must have years
of experience as a breed and group judge and you must also
have raised champion dogs in the past.

Dogs are judged on their general appearance, condition and
carriage, with special attention being paid to the dog's
head (including the eyes, ears, skull and muzzle). The color
and texture of the dog's coat is important. And its
hindquarters, forequarters, feet and tail are also judged.
Also, the dog's temperament is a factor.

Which type of dog has won Best in Show most often? The Wire
Fox Terriers have won the most number of years, with the
terrier group in general producing the most winners over any
other group. In fact, the only dog to win Best in Show three
times was a Smooth Fox Terrier named Warren Remedy, in 1907-
1909. However, there have been many winners from other
groups, ranging from a one hundred and fifty-five pound
Newfoundland to a four pound Pomeranian.

Dog Fancier's Luncheon

There is a week of social events prior to the show. But the
day after the judging, the highlight is the Dog Fancier's
Luncheon. This is held at Sardi's, the well-known and
popular restaurant in Manhattan. This luncheon gives the
judges the chance to talk to each other informally and
compare their notes and decisions. At this luncheon, they
also present the "Fido" awards as follows: Women of the
Year, Man of the Year, Handler of the Year and Writer of the
Year. And the guest of honor at this luncheon is the dog who
won "Best in Show". This dog is reserved his own place of

Dog Writers Association Awards Dinner (DWAA)

This organization began in 1935 as a way of insuring that
the journalists who cover dog shows were provided with the
best facilities and equipment needed to do their jobs. The
DWAA also holds an annual writing contest for both amateurs
and professionals who write about the sport of raising,
breeding and showing dogs (along with other aspects of dog

The biggest night of the year for the dog writers is held on
the Sunday evening before the Westminster Dog Show. The
writing awards are presented to the winners. And writers
from all over the country get to meet each other and discuss
the next day's competition.

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