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Health & Diseases

of the Fox Terrier

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Your Fox Terrier will be Healthier with this Information
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Whether your Fox Terrier has a smooth coat or a
wire coat, his personality is pleasant. If he
could smile he would.

While you wouldn't think that this dog requires
more than an average food, shedding can be a
problem, so feed a high quality protein and fat food.

Pet Food for the Fox Terrier Dog

Adding a vegetable enzyme supplement will deliver
the extra nutrients needed.

Plenty of exercise and interactive play and toys 
are critical to these dogs.

Treats for Fox Terriers

Fox Terrier Dog

Diseases of the Toy Fox Terrier

In general the Toy Fox Terrier is a healthy dog. However,
there are certain health issues that this dog breed is more
likely to develop. Not all Toy Fox Terriers will get these
particular diseases but it is important to be aware of them
so that if a problem arises with your Toy Fox Terrier you
can have it treated properly.

Here are some specific diseases that may occur in Toy Fox

Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter (CHG):

Puppies that are affected by CHG tend to be more listless
than other puppies. In comparison with their body their head
may seem large. If they survive longer than three weeks the
ear canal remains very small and their eyes do not open. The
coat is abnormally bristly.

By two weeks swelling on the underside of the neck can be
felt and will continue to enlarge. Delay of bone growth in
the face, legs and spine causes dwarfism. Even with
treatment the Goiter constricts the airways of the puppy.

Puppies affected by this disease will usually die or are
euthanized by three weeks of age. If a puppy is affected and
survives it should be spayed or neutered and not allowed to
breed. This trait is genetic and can be passed down to the
next generation if not stopped.

Demodectic Mange:

Demodectic Mange is caused by a microscopic parasitic mite
that causes skin disease. All dogs have Demodectic mites
around their hair follicles in small numbers. But in some
dogs the mite population will increase dramatically and will
inhabit the hair and skin of the dog giving it a patchy

The mange hair loss can be localized or over the entire body
of the dog. At three to thirteen months of age onset
Juvenile Demodicosis occurs in vulnerable pups. The first
sign is thinning hair around the corners of the mouth,
around the eyelids, lips and front legs. This disease can
sometimes be confused with ringworm.

After five years old Adult Demodicosis will occur. This
stage of the disease is sometimes associated with cancer or
an internal disease.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease:

This disease is due to death of the femur (leg bone) head.
This causes arthritic changes and wearing down of the bone.
This disease can be difficult to distinguish from Hip
Dysplasia, especially in advanced cases. But Hip Dysplasia
is more common in large dogs.

Patellar Luxation:

Patellar Luxation is usually a congenital disease but it can
be caused by injury. Essentially what occurs is that the
kneecap will slip out of joint. It can dislocate to the
inside or outside of the leg, up or down. This problem can
be mild with no symptoms or severe with intense crippling

Von Willebrand's Disease (VWD):

This disease is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that
affects dogs by causing them to bleed abnormally. It is
similar to hemophilia in that respect. In some situations
this disease can be life threatening.

Because this disease is recessive it will not present in
puppies unless two carriers of the disease are bred together
and then it may be passed on to the puppies.

Puppies or dogs with this disease must have special care
taken to not allow any injuries. Accidental injury,
neutering or spaying can lead to death if not properly
handled. Dogs that have the potential to have VWD should be
tested to make sure that they do not have it before
performing any surgical procedure.

Be sure to have your dog tested before you bring it home in
order to avoid a serious life threatening situation. Dog
breeds that have issues with particular disease will be
tested by a responsible breeder and have papers proving that
they are disease free.

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