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Feeding Wild Birds in

your Backyard


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A simple Guide to Backyard Bird Feeding for Beginners

Backyard bird feeding can be a most enjoyable and rewarding
hobby. Not only is it enjoyable for you, but you are doing our
feathered friends a big service by helping them survive and providing
them a safe habitat to feed in.

We have a lot of really good information about backyard bird feeding
for you that will make your bird feeding easier and more fun.

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bird feeding to provide you with the finest in backyard bird feeding
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Backyard Bird Feeding Information & Easy Tips to Attract Birds

*  Completely empty and clean seed containers before refilling.
*  Clean off any bird droppings from bird feeders.
*  Disinfect bird feeders monthly, more in hot weather.
*  Keep seed dry at all times

*  Don't use seed left over from last year, use only fresh seed.
*  If a dead bird is found near a feeder, remove and bury or burn
    it immediately.
*  Don't give un-rendered suet in hot weather.
*  Keep feeders a safe distance from house windows to avoid a
    bird accidentally flying into the glass.

*  Place netting or screens over windows if birds are flying into the panes
*  Never feed then stop in the winter.
*  Feed birds all year long if you want to.
*  Don't use grease, oil, petroleum jelly, or similar substances on
    feeder poles  or wires, these substances can harm the birds.

*  Black-oil sunflower seed is the seed most popular with the greatest
    variety of birds.
*  Mixed seed offered on the ground can attract many un-desirable birds.
*  Don't offer wild bird mixes in tube feeders, sunflower seed is great for
    tube feeders. Feed the mixes from platforms or hopper feeders.

*  Never use insecticides, pesticides or herbicides around or anywhere
    near bird feeders.
*  Have a brush pile or trees around the feeder for birds to fly to safety
*  Don't place feeders around where pets frequently roam
*  Don't feed: anything with white sugar, powdered sugar or brown sugar,
    artificial sweeteners, refined white flour, hot spices or herbs

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