Amusing and Trendy
Basset Hound Cups to Drink Coffee From

What a Wonderful addition to your Basset Hound collection of
gift items this Charming Basset Hound Mug
and Basset Hound Coffee Cup will be.

These Basset Hound Coffee Cups are actually so Delightfully
Colorful and Decorative they will look Great in just about
any nook or cranny in your kitchen. What they won't do
is look good hiding in your cupboards!

You will be certainly proud to show them off to your fellow
dog loving friends when they come over for coffee or tea.
And we're sure you will find that drinking your favorite
beverage from them will put you in a cheery mood.

Enhance your day and life with the addition of one of
these Spectacular and So Very...... Sweet and Endearing
Basset Hound Mugs or Coffee Cups.

Basset Hound Mugs

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How to Care for Your Basset Hound

Basset Hounds will tolerate apartment living, but tend to be
inactive when indoors. When they are outside they will run
and play for hours if given the chance. With a yard they do
fine, but it is important to give this dog as much
opportunity to exercise as possible so that it will remain
trim and healthy.

In order to keep most dogs healthy they need a lot of
exercise. This should be both mental and physical exercise.
Your Basset Hound will need long daily walks that are not
too strenuous. They also love to play scent games and fetch
games and will chase a ball around literally for hours.

Basset Hounds should not be encouraged to jump or put stress
on their legs as this can lead to serious joint damage.
Although they are large-boned, this dog can become lame if
too much stress is put on its legs. Lameness can lead to
obesity and paralysis of their limbs.

This breed is easy to groom and has a short-haired smooth
coat. You can comb the coat out with a firm bristle brush
and only give the dog a bath when necessary. It will need
regular trimming of its nails, of course.

Your Basset Hound will also need to have its ears wiped out
every week. Because of the long, pendulous ears they are
prone to ear diseases and you must keep careful watch for
ear mites and other parasites that may disturb the ears. If
the ears are not well cared for they are capable of
developing chronic if not fatal ear diseases.

It is also recommended that the Basset's eyes be wiped with
a damp cloth daily. Sometimes the area under the eyeball
will collect dirt and become clogged with mucus. By wiping
the eyes with a damp cloth daily it will lessen the eye
irritation and build up that may occur.

This dog will shed all the time so there is no particular
importance as to when you brush their coat during the year.
You may want to run a flea comb through their hair to deter

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