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Adorable Stuffed

Basset Hound will put

the Sunniest Smile

on your Face

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You will Totally Enjoy this Soft and so very Endearing
Stuffed Plush Basset Hound that is Sweeter than
a shiny new Cadillac.

Not just another pretty face -
"Bimmy" Basset Hound is just waiting for your
love and affection .... He will be no trouble at all,
and Bimmy is already trained to provide you and your
family with loads of Entertainment and Enjoyment.

Beautifully detailed, this stuffed

Plush Basset Hound will Definitely Warm your Heart

and be the love of your children's lives.

Bimmy comes complete with Dreamy eyes
and such a Blissful Countenance.

13 inches long

Bimmy stuffed Basset Hound toy dog

Is Warm & Cuddley as can be

Quickly order your Stuffed Basset Hound
by "pawing" the Stuffed Ark banner immediately below

You'd think you'd have to pay close to a hundred bucks
for such a Delightful Stuffed Dog, but you certainly
will be wonderfully surprised when you find out
just how reasonably priced the Stuffed Plush Basset Hounds are.

Origin and history of the Basset Hound

The origin of the Basset Hound name is the French word
"bas," which means low. Some people believe that this dog
comes from genetic dwarfs from the French Hunting Hounds,
but Basset Hounds are known to be directly descended from
the Bloodhound and are a rather old breed.

A poetic image of the Basset Hound by Shakespeare is as
follows: "Ears which sweep away the morning dew."

In 1863, the breed became truly famous when they were
presented at a Paris Dog Show. A lively dispute resulted
between two factions of European breeders, and afterward it
spread to England. Some wanted to keep the dog as a hunting
dog and other breeders wanted to turn the dog into a
companion dog.

The American breeders decided that both characteristics were
desirable and went about making the Basset Hound a companion
dog without sacrificing any of its hunter qualities. The AKC
recognized the Basset Hound as a breed in 1885.

This dog will hunt quarry down a den and in the open. They
are often used to hunt fox, hare, opossum and pheasant.
Basset Hounds will work together in a pack or as an
individual. They have slow reflexes but this is more than
made up for by their very keen sense of smell.

The limbs of the Basset make them have a slow deliberate
pace that a hunter has no problem pacing with. The Basset
Hound's nose is outstanding and can only be matched by their
predecessor the Bloodhound.

Our first President, George Washington, kept Basset Hounds
that were given to him by Lafayette after the end of the
American Revolution. Basset Hounds also have often been
written about in books and have been depicted in movies
about the Old West and the Ozarks.

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