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The Belgian Horse Breed
From Wikipedia,

The Belgian horse, Belgian Heavy Horse, or Brabant is a horse
breed comes from the Brabant region of Belgium.

Belgian horses are one of the strongest of the heavy breeds.

One large Belgian was called Brooklyn Supreme and weighed
3,200 pounds. On average the Belgian will grow to be slightly
over 1 ton or 2,000 pounds.

Belgian Horse Colors

Normally are a blond with a brighter mane, or a brown/ brunette
coloring. They have 'feathers' that grow around their feet from
the knee down. In history their main use was to work farms, or
ranches. They are considered a working horse, and wagon horse.

Belgian horses are able to pull tremendous amounts of weight-up
to over 4,500 pounds for a pair. Today however their uses have
exponentially increases. They are still used as work horses,
wagon horses, but also show horses, gaming horses, and trail
riding horses.

Although the overall population of American drafts
decline, the Belgian percentage increases.

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