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How to Care for Your Belgian Malinois Dog

The Belgian Malinois male dog can reach twenty-four to
twenty-six inches (sixty-one to sixty-six centimeters) in
height. The female dog is between twenty-two and twenty-four
inches (fifty-six and sixty-one centimeters) in height. They
can have a healthy weight anywhere between fifty-five and
sixty-five pounds (twenty-five to thirty kilograms) on average.

There are few major health concerns as this is a healthy
breed from hardy stock. There are some minor health concerns
that include eye problems and skin allergies. They have more
potential problems with their temperaments if not properly
trained, like aggressiveness and shyness.

Some Belgian Malinois if not properly bred can have problems
with elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. Most lines are
carefully bred to avoid these health problems. Be sure
before you get a Belgian Malinois that you can see the
parents of the dog, the living conditions, the genealogy,
health checkups and other associated health tests that a
responsible breeder will have.

Remember that registration in the AKC or other similar
registers does not guarantee good health; it just means that
the parents are also registered. Do your due diligence
before you buy your puppy.

The Belgian Malinois is a breed that wants to be with its
owner at all times. If you have to leave your dog alone to
go to work this is not the dog for you. If you are a farmer
or someone that stays at home all the time then this dog
will do great with you provided it gets enough exercise.

This dog tends to bond strongly with one or two people and
is a working dog with lots of energy and stamina. Remember
that a Belgian Malinois is a herding dog and likes mental
challenges and plenty of physical exercise. If this dog
breed is ignored they will often make up something for
themselves to do, often at the owner's expense.

This dog is a working dog that would prefer to lead an
active healthy outdoor life following around its owner. This
is a herding dog and does best doing exactly that
profession. They need long daily walks and can be off the
leash when properly trained.

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