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Benny Rabbit:

the Coolest Bellhop

on Television

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Benny Rabbit is the adorable bunny hop who works
at The Furry Arms hotel located on the children's
television show called Sesame Street.

Not only is Benny a bellhop at the hotel, he also lives

But, for whatever reason, Benny Rabbit seems to be perpetually
irritated, especially when someone calls him bunny.

Benny Rabbit angrily replies, "Don't call me bunny!
The name's Benny!"

Benny Rabbit appeared on Sesame Street in 1991 through
1998, 2001, 2002.

He was also on the TV Special: Sesame Street Celebrates
Around The World

Benny Rabbit voiced by: Kevin Clash

          Benny Rabbit

The song that Benny Rabbit is remembered for is
"14 Carrot Love" which he co-sang with the famous celebrity
Polly Darton.

Lyrics to 14 Carrot Love

Polly Darton: Oh, hi there. My name is Polly Darton, and I'd like
to sing a song for you, but I can't. The song I'd like to sing's
called, "14 Carrot Love", but as you can see, I only have
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
carrots. Mm-hmm.

How can I sing a song about 14 carrot love, when I only have 13

Benny: Uh-oh.

Polly Darton: Look! Did you see that bunny with that carrot?

I wonder if he'd let me borrow it. Here bunny, bunny,

Benny: Hey! Don't call me Bunny! The name is Benny!

Polly Darton: Well, I'm sorry, Benny. I was wondering if I could
borrow that carrot there.

Benny: No! No way, no chance! No how! This is my
carrot, and I gotta get downtown, so goodbye!

Polly Darton: Oh please? You have one carrot and I have 13
carrots. If I add your carrot and my 13, I'll have 1, 2...

Benny: Yeah yeah yeah...

Polly Darton: ...3, 4...

Benny: Come on, I gotta get downtown!

Polly Darton: ...5, 6, 7, 8...

Benny: Yeah yeah yeah...

Polly Darton: ...9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 carrots.

Benny: 14, yeah.

Polly Darton: And I can sing my song.

Benny: No, no way, forget it!

Polly Darton: Aw, please? Don't do it for me - do it for the
little children! Please?

Benny: Oh, all right all right all right. You can borrow
my carrot. But you have to give it back. And you can't,
I say you can't nibble on it, okay?

Polly Darton: Okay, okay. Thank you! Thank you, you -

Benny: Yeah yeah yeah...

Polly Darton: ...wonderful little bunny, you!

Benny: Don't call me Bunny! The name is BENNY!!!

Polly Darton: These carrots from the garden
Are gathered as you see
In one great big bunch
As pretty as can be

Benny: Yeah...

Polly Darton: The bunch has 13 carrots
But it only takes a shove

To add another carrot
And get 14 carrot love!

14 carrot love!

14 carrot love!
That is what we got here -
14 carrot love!
It's better than some flowers
Or candy on a ring

And it's all 'cause of you-ou
I have this song to sing

Together: 14 carrot love!
14 carrot love!
That's what we got here -
14 carrot love!

Benny: 14 carrot love! 14 carrot love!

Polly Darton: Hey hey! Benny! Song's over,

Benny: That's what we've got here! 14 ca-
Oh yeah yeah yeah, right right, well I gotta go anyway. Yeah
yeah, I'm just gonna take my carrot here, and get outta here ...

Polly Darton: Hey, hey you can have all those carrots, Benny.
Just my way of sayin' thank you.

Benny: Oh! Oh gee, well, um ... but I don't know
what to say!

Polly Darton: Aw, you know he really is a sweet little bunny!

Benny:Don't call me Bunny! The name is Benny!

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