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Everything you ever wanted to know about
Pet & Wild Rabbits you will find here on our
extensive Rabbit Care site.

Please bookmark us and check back often as we will be
continually adding new information to this site.

Keeping rabbits as pets is a totally rewarding hobby
for children and for adults. But, there are some things
about rabbit care and keeping that are very important
that the rabbit keeper should be aware of.

This is important for the health of the rabbit and
the continued enjoyment of your pet by the owner.

We have attempted to provide you with some of the best
quality information on the Internet about keeping rabbits
as pets, and we here at Pet Care Tips are presenting this
info to you as a public service, simply because we
are dedicated to helping as many pets as we can to
live happier and healthier lives.

We certainly hope that you will find this site to be
of great value to you and your bunny, and that you will
share it with your friends. In this way you too will
be helping other pets by sharing this info with your
friends and other family members.

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Pet Rabbit Care

ABC’s of Rabbit Safe Vegetables & Fruits
All about Showing Rabbits
Bonding Pet Rabbits to other Pets
Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment for your Rabbit
Fostering Pet Rabbits
Good and Bad Snacks for your Rabbit
Grooming Pet Rabbits  *New Page

How to Give Medicine to Pet Rabbits
How to Properly Handle a Pet Rabbit
Hot Rabbits: How to Cool your Overheated Pet *New Page
House Rabbits are Fun and Cute Pets

Is the Temperature too Hot for my Rabbit?
Keeping Pet Rabbits around young Children *New Page
Letting Rabbits Run Loose
Litter, Bedding & Nesting Materials
  How Choose best litter box for your Rabbit
  Training Pet Rabbits to use Litter Boxes
Making Hay Holders for Pet Rabbits

Play Times & Toys for Pet Rabbits
Rabbit Behavior
Rabbit Reproduction 101
Shedding & Brushing Pet Rabbits
Shopping List for your New Pet Rabbit

Tips for Keeping Pet Rabbits Clean
Toys & Playtime for Pet Rabbits *New Page
Toys for Pet Rabbits

Weather Extremes & your Pet Rabbit
What to Feed Pet Rabbits
What you should know about Adopting a Pet Rabbit
Which Rabbit Breed makes the Best Pet?
Why Pet Rabbits should be Spayed or Neutered *New Page

Cool & Fun Rabbit Stuff

Awesome Stuffed Plush Jackalopes
A Comprehensive List of Fictional Rabbits
Alice in Wonderland
Benny Rabbit on Sesame Street
Br'er Rabbit & Uncle Remus
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Cartoons
Bugs Bunny Sayings

Captain Kangaroo & the Treasure House
Energizer Bunny & Duracell Bunnies
Jefferson Airplane & Lyrics to White Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit

Lola Bunny
Movies & TV Programs with or about Rabbits
Mr. Bunny Rabbit
Quicky the Nestle Quik Bunny

Rabbit Agility Competitions
Rabbit Coat Color Genetics
Rabbit Maranville
Roger Rabbit

The Chinese Year of the Rabbit
The Easter Bunny
The March Hare
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Tale of the Hare & Tortoise

The Trix Rabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Volkswagen Rabbit - What's in a Name?
Were there Rabbit Dinosaurs?
What are Rabbits & How are they Classified

Pet Rabbit Health

Abscesses in Pet Rabbits
Coccidiosis in Pet Rabbits *New Page
How to Prevent Coccidiosis in Your Rabbits *New Page
Common Medical Problems in Pet Rabbits
Conjunctivitis or Weepy Eye in Pet Rabbits
Easter Rabbits & Diseases
Hairballs  (Wool Block)
How to tell if your Rabbit is Sick  *New Page
Hutch Burn

Impaction in Pet Rabbits
Lice and Mange
Malocclusion in Rabbits
Mastitis in Pet Rabbits
Mucoid Enteritis
Overgrown Incisors (Front Teeth)
Parts of a Rabbit

Rabbit Diseases - Parasites
Rabbit Diseases - Parasites - Fungus, Flystrike and Warbles *New
Rabbit Diseases - Parasites: Pinworms, Roundworms,
Whipworms, Stomach Worms, Lungworms and Tapeworms

Scab Nose
Sore Hocks
Symptoms & Prevention of Ear Mites in Pet Rabbits
Things Poisonous to Rabbits & what to do if Rabbit is Poisoned
What you need to know about Rabbit Teeth  *New Page
Why Rabbits Eat their own Droppings

Down the Rabbit Hole....

All about European Rabbits
All about Domesticated Rabbits
All about Cottontail Rabbits
All about Hares
Herman the German and the Giant Three Foot Rabbits
History of the Domestic Rabbit *New Page
How to Train your Rabbit for Rabbit Hopping  *New Page
Nutritional Value of Rabbit Meat

Rabbits as Traditions
Rabbit Hopping  *New Page
Rabbit Recipes for your Dining Pleasure
The Belgian Hare  *New Page
The Different Breeds of Rabbits
The Playboy Bunny History
The Snowshoe Hare  *New Page
Types of Rabbits

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