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The Delightful

Eastern, Western &

Mountain Bluebirds

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Bluebirds are blue, however even though other birds are blue, none
have the reddish, chestnut brown coloring on the throat and

The female and young are duller in color.

Bluebirds are found in orchards, farmyards, roadsides and open
woodlands, often in family groups or small flocks.

When perched, a bluebirds shoulders "hunch".

The female builds a grass-lined nest in a tree hole or other cavity,
and lays four to six pale blue eggs.

Bluebirds easily accept nest boxes.

Bluebirds are about 7 inches long.


The eastern bluebird is the only bluebird east of the Great Plains.
Male has a bright, entirely blue back and rusty throat and breast;
it's song is a melodious whistling.

The western bluebird has less reddish brown on the under parts and a
brown patch on the back; it's song is a 3 fold or double

The mountain bluebird is all blue with a lightly colored bluish white chest,
it's song is a soft warbling whistle, generally silent except at

Both the western and mountain bluebirds are found in western North America.

Northern populations of the eastern and mountain bluebirds are migratory;
southern populations and the western bluebird are mostly sedentary.

Picture Bluebird

Bluebirds belong to the family of Thrushes and the order Passeriformes.

Types of Bluebirds include:

Eastern Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird
Western Bluebird


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