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The Eastern Bluebird

The Bluebird is the state bird of both Missouri and New
York. Along any drive in Eastern North America you may spot
a few Eastern Bluebirds (scientific name Sialia sialis).
They will sit on telephone wires or in a nest box singing
out in wavering voices, or they can suddenly swoop down to
the ground after an insect.

The Eastern Bluebird is a medium-sized thrush, with a big
round head. It has large eyes and a plump body with an alert
posture. The wings are long and the tail and legs are
somewhat short. The bill is straight and short.

The male Eastern Bluebird is a vivid blue color that ranges
from sky blue to a deep royal blue. The upper part of the
belly is a rosy brown that goes to white further under the
body. The bill is grayish, along with the feet.

The male's call includes soft warbles of "jeew" or "chir-wi"
or the melodious song "chiti WEEW wewidoo"... (Sibley,

The female Eastern Bluebird is grayish with bluish wings and
tail. She has a more subdued orange-brown upper belly and a
white belly. The wings and tail of both genders are lined with
blue, which gives the gray female a more elegant look that
that of most female songbirds.

Bluebirds appear to always be on the hunt or on the alert.
They perch high to get a good view of everything that is
going on around them, and eat by dropping down from above on
their chosen prey. The primary food of the Eastern Bluebird
is insects and other invertebrates, but in the fall and
winter months they also tend to perch on fruit trees or
berry vines and eat the fruit.

They often make nests in old woodpecker holes. The Eastern
Bluebird prefers to live in open areas surrounded by trees
and in meadows, but will nest readily in a nest box near a
food source.

Bluebird populations declined greatly in the past century
due to habitat loss, but a dedicated effort by birders who
erected thousands of House Sparrow-proof nest boxes has
greatly increased their numbers. With so many nest boxes put
up along the wayside and bluebird trails in various states,
they are now commonly seen by travelers and birdwatchers
alike in very many places east of the Rocky Mountains, from
southern Canada to Nicaragua.

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