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Making the

Border Terrier Dog

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Qualities of the Brave Little Border Terrier
Tippy & Alfred

The Border Terrier is a small dog with a coarse and wiry
double coat. It has been described as a spunky small
terrier. They have dark eyes, a black nose, a short muzzle
and small, V-shaped ears that fold forward. The teeth should
come together in a scissors bite.

The tail is somewhat short and tapers from a thick base to
the tip. The tail is carried level with the back except when
the dog is excited. This breed does not have heavily boned
limbs. The Border Terrier's coat can come in colors of blue
and tan, grizzle and tan, or red and tan. Small patches of
white are allowed on the chest but not on the feet.

The Border Terrier is an alert and lively dog. It is mild
mannered and very affectionate with children and its owners.
They want to please and this makes them relatively easy to
train. They are also bold hunters that are hardy and

This breed should be socialized well in order to get the
puppies used to loud sounds. This is to avoid excessive
timidity when in noisy situations. These dogs are not
aggressive but they will bark to let you know when someone
is there.

The puppy of this breed is very active but will mellow out
when it matures. If you intend to let your Border Terrier
outside alone in the yard be sure to bury your fence and
make sure that it is secure. The breed likes to dig and will
dig under fences to get out. They have been known to get
themselves caught in a hole they can't get out of on their

This breed shouldn't be trusted around small animals but
they do usually get along with other dogs. If the puppy is
raised with cats they have no problem with them. They
shouldn't be trusted around strange cats though.

In order to avoid small dog syndrome and separation anxiety
you will need to be a consistent firm pack leader. The
Border Terrier is more comfortable pet knowing that you are the
boss rather than the other way around. Be sure to remain
consistent and do not spoil this dog even though it wants you to.

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