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Health Care Tips

for Border Terriers


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Active and Hard Working dogs are Border Terriers
Tippy and Alfred

Because of its breeding as a hunter the Border Terrier shows
few symptoms of illness and is fairly insensitive to pain,
so the owners of these dogs should watch them carefully for
any signs of sickness.

The Border Terrier is vulnerable to a hereditary canine
disease known as Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome, or
CECS. It is also called "Spike's Disease" and has been only
recently recognized as a disease. Occasionally this disease
is confused with canine epilepsy. It is a metabolic, muscle
and neurological disorder.

The male Border Terrier dog can reach thirteen to sixteen
inches (thirty-three to forty-one centimeters) in height and
weigh between thirteen and sixteen pounds (six to seven
kilograms). The female can reach eleven to fourteen inches
(twenty-eight to thirty-six centimeters) in height and
weight between eleven and fourteen pounds (five to six
kilograms). These measurements are based on average healthy
estimates for this breed.

A Border Terrier can live in an apartment happily with their
owner provided they are given enough exercise throughout the
day. Indoors they are relatively inactive. They would prefer
to have a small yard they can play in when they want to.

The Border Terrier for all of its cuteness is actually a
hunter. They have great stamina and vitality. They need a
long daily walk and plenty of exercise for emotional and
physical health.

Border Terriers can live fifteen or more years and have an
average litter size of four to five puppies. Some litters
can number as much as eight puppies.

The Border Terrier has a coarse wiry coat that needs to be
brushed out weekly. Twice a year they should be taken to a
professional groomer to be trimmed. Border Terriers are
trimmed with a natural look.

Border Terrier sheds only a very little hair and allergy
sufferers can live with this dog providing the allergies
aren't too bad. You should only give a Border Terrier a bath
when necessary.

Some of the Border Terrier's skills include: agility,
competitive obedience, hunting, performing tricks, tracking,
and watching.

Border Terriers

Knowledge about the the Border Terrier Feeding Requirements
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The Border Terrier is a true English farm working dog.

This breed loves to work and, like other terriers,
often behaves better on supermarket foods, with
the addition of vegetable enzymes to help the
development of the muscles and all around health.

Exercise is vital.

Natural and Wholesome Food and Treats
for any Border Terrier Dog

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