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Handy Dandy

Totes for Boston

Terrier Fans

Show Off Your All-American Dog on a Boston Terrier Tote!

Everywhere you go, this stylish and roomy tote bag will
handle your stuff while a jaunty American Gentleman Boston
Terrier, in original artwork, smiles out at the world from
both sides of your bag, while inspiring everyone you meet to
smile back in return.

Pack in whatever you will need, toss the strong, woven
straps over your shoulder and you'll be ready for a day of
work, shopping, the park, or even the beach. This roomy bag
will easily carry supplies for you and your dog for the day.

Do as we do and keep another Boston Terrier Tote Bag in your
car, packed with toys, snacks, expandable dog leads and doggie
bags for those serendipitous walks in the park.

Boston Terriers love life and life loves them back. Now you
can show off your happy friend and improve the day for
everyone who sees you and your bag, even when you can't take
him or her along. These canvas bags are suitable for both
men and women, and are great for shopping or flea marketing.

This Boston Terrier Tote Bag is Designer quality but the
price is amazingly low. Hurry over to our user-friendly
online store and order yours now. Be sure to see all the
other great Boston Terrier calendars, accessories, gifts, and
Boston Terrier Mugs and Boston Terrier Figurines
plus more things while you are there.

Get Your Boston Terrier Tote Bags Here

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