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Care, Feeding

Nutrition Needs for

Boston Terrier Dogs

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The Proper Way to Care for your Fun Loving Boston Terrier
Tippy & Alfred

The Boston Terrier has a short, smooth coat that is easy to
groom. You just need to use a comb and brush with firm
bristles to remove loose hair and skin. Brushing should be
done at least once a week to keep the dog's coat and skin
healthy. Bathe the dog only when necessary.

The eyes of the dog need special care. They should be wiped
with a damp cloth every day and cleaned carefully. This
breed has prominent eyes that should be carefully checked
and cared for.

If your Boston Terrier dog has been outdoors the ears and eyes should
be checked for grass seeds that may irritate them. The dog's
ears should also be carefully checked for ticks that may
lurk there. The nails should be clipped carefully every now
and again when necessary. The Boston Terrier breed shed averagely
for a dog breed.

Regular visits to the veterinarian should be scheduled and
vaccination shots should be administered and kept up to
date. It is also important to get flea, tick and heartworm
products prescribed for your dog so that you can control

Boston Terriers should be fed a good dog food that is mostly
protein, with less than four percent fiber content. Cheaper
dog foods use corn and other grains as fillers and the
additives often cause allergies and skin conditions. Dogs
are carnivores and are meant to eat a diet that mostly
consists of meat. Boston Terriers that are fed poor food
often wind up with poor health conditions.

Housebreaking this dog isn't easy. Most small dogs have a
problem holding their bladder so it is very important that
when the dog tells you that it needs to go out that you hop
up and do it right then. Otherwise accidents will occur that
will make it harder for you to housebreak the dog.

The Boston Bull is relatively easy to care compared to many
other breeds of dog. They are also a joy to have around the
house. Fun is their middle name and your Boston will likely
be the family clown. Be sure to keep your Boston Terrier
healthy and happy and it will reward you with a long,
healthy, happy life. See also Boston Terrier Puppies.

Boston Terrier Dog

Nourishment that the Lively Boston Terrier should have
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The lively, inquisitive, short muzzled Boston Terrier
can be a wonderful pet but needs some special care.

Eye protection is a must: daily wiping with an
eye-bright solution and antioxidants added to the
food in the form of a grass or algae.

Keep them exercised and in good health by feeding 
veggies rather than biscuits.

If their coat gets oily, add a vitamin E supplement
along with brewer's yeast and garlic.

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