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How to Build a Dog House for your Puppy
By Tippy & Turbo, the Dogs at Pet Care Tips

Are you looking for a good way to build a house for
your new puppy? Well, what kind of house depends first
upon your location and the weather in your area.

For a lot of new puppy owners, really the best option is
to go out an purchase a new puppy house. Many folks just
don't have the tools or the time or the ability to build
their own puppy or dog house.

Also you need to consider, is your new puppy going to
be kept inside or outside?

If inside, then you really won't be needing a house for your
puppy. We suggest taking a good look at our strong and
durable puppy and dog cages and crates for inside to keep your
puppy in during the night or times when you might be away from
the house.

Good Quality Dog Crates

Another thing to consider is, what happens when puppy
grows up?

Is the house you would like to build be big enough for
your furry companion when he or she grows to full size?

Not too many folks want to go through the trouble of
building a really nice puppy house and then having Rover
grow out of it in a short year. Then they are faced with
having to build a bigger house.

Better to build big enough to house the adult dog to
begin with.

Here's one of our web pages that already gives some
good tips and pointers on how to build a puppy or dog house.

How to Build a Dog House

Remember: if your climate is cold, you will want to use
materials that provide good insulation to keep wind out
of the house and off your dog. Also a helpful hint here is
if the climate is cold, go get some straw at a farmer's market
or local farm for Rover to make a bed out of.

If straw is not available, then a decent blanket will work,
but be sure and change the blanket once or twice a month.

Here's another helpful pointer: make one of the walls or the
roof hinged to allow for easy cleaning. It's not much fun to
try and squeeze through a door only big enough for a dog
to clean the house.

Here's another link to our online catalog of dog supplies
where you can find more good stuff for your puppy, like
puppy supplies, dog fences and kennels and carriers.

Our Catalog of Dog & Puppy Supplies

We wish for you the best with your new puppy and check out
our Puppy Care section where you will find out all kinds of
cool information about raising puppies and training them.

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