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Bull Terrier Mugs

Lovable Stuffed Plush Bull Terrier Dogs & Animals

Delightful Bull Terrier & Dog Calendars

Bull Terrier Dogs

This breed was once a very fierce gladiator of a dog but has
now been bred to be gentler. The Bull Terrier is bred to be
a guard dog though; Bull Terriers have been known to defend
their owners unto death.

These are active, clownish, courageous, fearless, fun-
loving, scrappy dogs that are loyal, polite and obedient to
their masters.

In 1830, when contests between bulls and Bulldogs were at
their height of popularity, lovers of the sport decided to
create a dog that was more agile when attacking. By crossing
the Old English Terrier and the Bulldog and adding a little
Spanish Pointer they got the first Bull Terrier.

But Bull Terrier dogs where not really successful fighters, and
when bull baiting and dog fighting fell out of fashion many
Bull Terriers became family pets instead.

The Bull Terrier is a thick-set, muscular, well-proportioned
dog. The body is full and round with muscular robust
shoulders and a tail that is carried horizontally. Their
coat comes in colors of black, brindle, fawn, red, tri-color
and pure white.

Their most distinctive feature is their head that is flat on
top and slopes down to the nose with no stop. The eyes are
almond-shaped, dark and small and set close together.

The Bull Terrier is an easy to groom dog that only need
occasional combing or brushing with a stiff bristle brush.
The breed shed averagely and sheds heavily twice a year and
more brushing or combing may be needed during these times.
You can easily remove excess hair with a daily rub down with
a rubber comb glove.

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